Paris dig two holes

Paris is definitely not alone regarding herpes. I read somewhere once 25% of sexually active females have the condition and 20% of sexually active men do.

The only Valtrex ad I've seen with a couple is the one in which the man does and the woman does not.
Originally Posted by Discgirl

And that 80% of the population that IS infected with herpes, don't even know that they have it. Scary, huh.
Originally Posted by babywavy
Well, anyone who has ever gotten a cold sore has herpes, so that 80% number is probably correct. There are two forms of the virus, HSV1 and HSV2. Typically, HSV1 is the oral form of herpes, but many people have HSV1 that manifests as genital lesions. HSV 2 typically appears as genital herpes, but lesions can develop elsewhere. I read a study for class which said that many people who have genital herpes caught it from a partner who had asymptomatic oral herpes.
Originally Posted by velvet paws
Valtrex is prescribed for HSV1. It sounds like (judging from the commercials people are talking about) it may also be prescribed for HSV2, but it's definitely used for the oral form of herpes. She could have had HSV1...
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I looked up my stat. It's for HSV2. Who knows what the stats are when you factor in HSV1.

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