I think I know the answer to this but....

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I figure everyone will say "what have you got to lose?" but maybe between writing about it and your answers, I'll see it more clearly.

Basically, I like my job a lot (terrific patient, considerate boss, great location, work is often fun, although not always) mostly 9-5!!! delightful co-workers with just a few rotten apples, abysmal pay. Did you catch that last - really bad pay. About $25,000 less than I used to make.

So I have been solicited to go on other interviews including one tonight that pays about almost 1/2 as much more than what I'm making now.

The reason I took such a low paying job was that I had been out of work for 2 years due to surgery and I'm 66 and my voice is hoarse due to the surgery. I look really well for my age (not boasting - just being factual) but still, clearly, I'm no spring chicken. Most companies don't want to hire someone in their 50's let alone 60's.

My main fear is that I would actually get the job, and hate it, or something would screw up and I'd be let go. At least in my present job, even though the money is pitiful and not likely to increase by much, everything else is excellent and they seem to like me a lot. My boss is outstanding. That's worth money to me.

So what do you all think?
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I would go on the interview, get a feel for the place and take it from there
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Well I will probably be the only one who will say that if it were me I'd stay at the place that I like.
I've worked for the same employer for 25 years. The work isn't exciting or challenging or of any importance and won't ever change. It's not great paying and will never be great paying. But it has allowed me to buy a house on my own, the vehicles I want, etc. It's a cake job, short hours, no nights weekends or holidays, flexible hours, I can kind of come and go as I please. My boss is super OCD and annoying but great otherwise. The people in our office building are great, it's in a convenient walk-to-anything location a couple blocks from my house.
I've had opportunities to go more exciting places, doing more exciting work.
But I'm happy where I am, so I stay.

But that's just me. I don't know if that would be the right choice for anyone else.
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Here's my perspective:

I have long been a project risk-taker. This has worked for me generally, but now that I'm getting a bit long in the tooth, I can certainly see the drawbacks. I've traded excitement and freshness for stability, because I get bored easily. This has not led to a consistent income, or a peaceful certainty about the future. However, it works for me because of some confluence of unusual factors. (The details are both dull and too personal for a message board, so I'll skip the sharing part.)

In thinking about your situation, and recalling your efforts to get there, I would consider the following:

What are your goals? Do you want and/or need the money to accomplish something important to you? Is your current job rewarding, or is the other possibility more exciting to you personally? I guess the issue can be thus considered: are you happy enough with things as they are?

A good or great boss really makes a big difference in job satisfaction. On the other hand, if you're feeling a financial pinch, well......consider how you'd use the extra money. Is it enough to make you leave your current position?

And, listen to your gut. This other opportunity won't be the only job to which you may be referred. Holding out for a truly great opportunity isn't a bad thing.

Whatever you decide, vow not to torture yourself with "what ifs."

And let us know what happens. We care.
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Are you working for fun? Or are you working for money? In your situation, I think as long as the higher-paying job isn't completely suckage, I'd go for the more-money job.
If you don't feel 100% about the other job, and you can live comfortably on your current salary, I'd suggest staying where you are.
How much longer are you planning on working?

Which company/industry is more fiscally stable?

There's really no way to predict if you will get laid off this job vs. another job...so at age 66 (if I received a pension and had something saved), I'd be more about my peace of mind than a rat race.

Well, I'm very glad I posted this because I got a variety of answers and they weren't all what I expected. You all raised some very good questions for me, and I realized that I hadn't really thought it through.

I didn't go on the interview. In the job I have now, I feel safe and comfortable, the work isn't stressful and mostly 9-5 and I like most of the other people a lot and my boss is incredibly nice to me and I have a ridiculously easy commute. I figure all that is worth $$ to me. I've had some awful jobs before - and I wasn't able to predict that from the interviews. Even for the money I don't want to go from the honey pot into the bees' nest (or some analogy like that ). And finally - I'm not going to second guess myself (at least I'll try not to).

If I were younger, I'd definitely check it out, but 67 isn't 37! Besides all that, my supervisor hired me with my curls on a bad hair day!

Thanks again - this forum is really helpful to me.
2/c Coarse hair med. density.
Highly porous. Color over grey.
I love all the Curl Junkie products. Still experimenting with gels and curl creams. Still hoping for 2nd day hair....
Every day is a gift
We love you, cp!

Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.
We love you, cp!
Originally Posted by claudine19
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Oh my goodness! After I saw Claudine19's post I tried to find the blushing emoticon, but couldn't. Now Eche . Oh my goodness!
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2/c Coarse hair med. density.
Highly porous. Color over grey.
I love all the Curl Junkie products. Still experimenting with gels and curl creams. Still hoping for 2nd day hair....
Every day is a gift
Aside from the low salary, it sounds like you are very content with your job overall. I think that you're right - all of the positives that you mentioned certainly count for something! Leaving a comfortable job can be very stressful and scary - I'm sure this fear is only compounded by your health concerns and the fear that potential employers may not give you full consideration given your age if your new job doesn't work out. Although I can't argue that salary is certainly an important factor to consider, I'm from the camp that believes that job satisfaction is equally, if not more important. As long as you are not too stressed financially, I don't think staying at your present job is such a terrible idea. But you know that already
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