Does anyone here have an Assus or new Ipad Tablet??

If you have an Asus tablet I was wondering what you think of it and also if it is worth buying the docking keyboard that turns it into a notebook and increases battery life. I am so confused about tablets! The question is do I keep the Asus or get the new Ipad? My eyes just are not what they used to be and I wonder if the new Ipad retina display would help regarding newspaper reading on the tablet vs the screen on the Asus. Any feedback would be most appreciated.
There is a new Asus tablet coming out very soon that has 1920x1200 screen resolution. Which at the sizes tablets are at, you won't really notice that much of a difference if at all. You will be fine even if you had the original Transformer, Transformer Prime, or original iPad resolution and screen size to be perfectly honest. Nice, but not a necessity.

If you like the Asus line of Transformer tablets (and why not, they are awesome!) then that is a good one to wait for.

Much better than the iPad (3) in my opinion.

Not to mention the micro sd slot on the tablet, and a full SD slot on the keyboard plus fully functional USB slots (i.e. can plug in a game controller, full external Hard Drive and have them function as expected) with improved battery life with the keyboard dock.

Yes, I am just waiting for our house to sell then I will be definitely picking up one of those bad boys.

Also, give these comparisons a read for full in depth coverage of the actual differences so that you can make a more informed decision for your wants and needs on this issue.

iPad 3rd gen vs Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 700 -

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity 700 vs Apple iPad 3rd gen -

New iPad competition specs -

iPad vs Asus Transformer Infinity vs Blackberry Playbook -

In my mind, this quote from the iMore article (a website dedicated to all things Apple/iOS) puts it quite well:

Still, if the bar is set at simplicity and pure technology, the new iPad clears it - with room to spare. Android still wins on flexibility, and a more desktop-like user experience. PlayBook is both small and inexpensive.
If you want simplicity over flexibility, go iPad. If you want flexibility over simplicity, go with the Asus Transformer series. The same old Android vs iOS argument thats been going on for a long time. Personally, the Android tablets are very simple to use, and very flexible. Where the iOS tablets are more simple to use, to me its not by that much. I do hope this has given you some insight so you can make the best decision though.
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Thanks so much Krayt!! Do you think the Assus Tranformer T100 model has a decent enough screen for my aging eyes? It is $338.00 and that is more in my budget range.
I think it will have more than enough. It would be similar to the original iPad in terms of resolution.

Remember that for reading, you can simply make things bigger on tablets by zooming in. Quite simple really.

Though I would recommend the Asus Transformer Pad 300. It just came out recently, is in nearly the exact same price range as the Asus Transformer (which is the original from Asus) and has much better hardware available to it, and thus will last you much longer.

Either one you can't go wrong with. I would just recommend getting the more recent one, as it will be more future proof, and is in the same price range give or take.

Here is a review for the Asus Transformer Pad 300 that I recommended.
Stephen Fry on "respect" and being "offended".
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