Do you remember your 3rd grade teacher?

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Fondly? Or not fondly? What about your other grade school teachers?

I (fondly) remember one of my 3rd grade teachers. Her name was Miss Daurora and she looked like Anne Murray (a popular singer at the time). She was pretty and seemed so tall. Once, I slipped and called her Mom and I was embarrassed for the rest of the school year. Then she got married and changed her name. I didn't bother remembering her married name because she wasn't my teacher anymore by then and I think I was jealous of her husband or something.

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Yes, Ms Hope. I remember she wore a nice smelling perfume and was impressed with this umbrella thing I made..I remember her putting everyones up and she took a double take on mine.

I remember all of mine, most memorable is 4th grade. Ms. Miller, she was known to be the best..and she later sorta mentored me when I was in 6th grade. I should try to find her..I wonder if she remembers me.
Miss Campbell, aka "Just throw speed right out the window, children!"

She believed it was better to take one's time.

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Miss Lysacht

She was about 110 years old, about 4 feet tall, and only had about 10 teeth in her head, several of which seemed like they were going to come flying out any moment. She would make the girls with long fingernails scratch her back (she'd have them unzip her dress first). I was never so happy to be a nailbiter.
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3rd grade: Mrs. Bell and Mrs Boon. I liked them enough. Mrs. Boon was young so sometimes had PMS. i didnt know this at the time, but now i get why once a month she would make our lives a living hell!! then she was sweet as sugar the rest of the month.

2nd: Mrs. Spelling. I remember her the most of all my teachers because she didnt like white people. My best friend was the only white girl in the class adn she made her life horrible. My friends aunt came up to the school and threaten to hurt Mrs. Spelling if she didnt back off and do her job! My friend left shortly after. Mrs. Spelling was civil with me until she met my dad, then she treated me different form the rest of the class. I would loss points on assignments if she felt I did too well. She would make snarky remarks when we went over black history about white people and look at me. I truly hated that woman.

Grade 11: Mrs. Donaldson was EVIL!!! She had a chip on her shoulder and she hated kids!! Her son was a teacher at our school and was fired for being incompetent. She blamed the students! WTH? We had to write a paper for her class on ceratin authors and works she pre-approved. She approved me writing on Emily Dickinson. But less then a month before the paper was due (We had worked on out papers the whole semester), she notifies me I cant do it on Emily. She also tells me if i dont do the paper I cant take the final, thus failing her class. I didnt write the paper nor take the final, I told my parents beforehand. They supported me and we were prepared to go tp the principal with a fight! I ended up getting a C in the class. Before this I had a solid A. I didnt care at least I passed! My she was an evil woman!!

Most of my other teachers were cool!^


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Miss Jones. I don't remember liking or disliking her (tho I never really disliked any teachers). I do remember she had a great beehive and cat-eye glasses.

Mrs Drake, 2nd grade, was my all time favorite. That was the year I started getting bad migraines and in those days you stayed in school unless you were dying. She would let me lay my head on the desk or go in the playhouse/theatre in the back of room and lay down.

Mr Felarra, 4th grade, was another favorite. He was my first male teacher and he was so handsome.
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Mine was a total bish. Her name was Mrs. Funk. This was when the song "Funkytown" by Lipps, Inc. was out, so laughs abounded.

She was also a 3b/3c curly w/ really cool hair. This woman dressed her azz off and she was the first person I knew who wore acrylic fingernail tips!

Mrs. Funk hated my mother for some reason and my mother thought she was jealous of her bc my mother was better looking.

Looking back, I think she had some racial hang ups, and that may have been why she treated me so badly. She told me I wasn't Black, but "mulatto."

On several occasions, she grabbed me and threw me, and once shook me. She accused me of all sorts of things and screamed at me for various unjustified reasons, and tried to make me clean out her coffee maker. And just basically did her best to torture me. LOL

Her daughter (6 yrs my senior) and I have the same first name and the daughter had all this cool, glittery monogrammed disco-era stuff that Mrs. Funk would bring into class and taunt me with but ultimately give it to another girl w/ a totally different name.

At the end of the year, we had an aerobic dancing showcase (it was the early 80s...Jane Fonda era) and I slipped backstage and cut my foot on metal risers, but still performed my routine (bc I knew she would berate me horribly if I didn't). By the end of the show, there was blood all over the stage from my cut foot.

After we had all finished dancing and left the stage, Mrs. Funk rushed to another girl wearing the same color tights as I had on, to see if she was OK. And the girl told her that I was the one she ought to be checking on.

So Mrs. Funk took me to the nurse's office and bandaged my foot...and I noticed she was CRYING. And she said, "I never knew you were such a trooper. I had you pegged all wrong."

And she gave me a hug.

And I don't think she came back the following year.

So weird. At least in the mind of a 7 year old. (I had just skipped a grade.)

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I wish I made this stuff up. I had the most whackadoodle public school education.
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I remember mine, Mrs. Britting. She had the wedge haircut and I thought she was so pretty. I also remember that we had the same exact outfit. How that was possible I don't know but I can totally picture it - blue gauchos with a button down checked shirt with one stripe across.

I totally dated myself with the fashions discussed in this post.
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Mrs. Hallier. The single most influential person in my life outside of my family. I was always smart, but had never been challenged. She saw through me as soon as she met me, and made a point of challenging me like no one else had before or has done since. From her, I learned how to keep myself interested. We didn't really switch classrooms for levels of various classes that year much, but she managed to keep everyone engaged like magic.

She also gave me my first copy of Anne of Green Gables.
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3rd grade was Mrs Crowley and the only two things I remember about her are her frizzy hair (ha, funny now that I think about that!) and her whining about her new car once when a hailstorm came through.

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Mrs. Ouellette! She was a brand new, just graduated 3rd grade teacher. She was young and pretty, she had big hair - it was the 80s. She was normally sweet and kind, but I remember her yelling at me once because I asked her if we could get a new classroom gold fish because our other one died. She snapped at me that 'Mrs. and Mr. Ouelette cant always afford a new goldfish!' Even in 3rd grade I knew that goldfish were about .25 cents each - I saw her a little bit differently after that. The weird things we remember from our childhood!!
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Her name was Miss Fields. She was also my first AA teacher. She smelled like perfume and wore pearls. At the end of every day, she would line us up single file and she would lean down for a kiss on the cheek and then give us a vanilla wafer.

I adored her. She got married to a Marine near the end of the school year and moved to CA. We were devastated!
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I do not know if my 3rd grade teacher was a male or female, his or her name, what school it was at, what the classroom looked like, how I felt about them, the things I did in the class, the friends I had.

I don't remember anything LOL
Mr. Gebhart.

He was a student teacher in my first grade class, then two years later he was my third grade teacher.

I remember he was nice, but not much else. Third grade was apparently pretty uneventful for me.

My most vivid memory of third grade was the class pet lizard. It's tail fell off at some point during the year, which freaked me out.
My third grade teacher was also my sixth grade teacher and my favorite from grade school. I'm sure she's in her late 60s/early 70s now.

She was the first older and overtly not racist white teacher I ever had. She would make us talk about race, and emphasized why talking about it would help resolve race problems. (This was kind of a big deal considering where I grew up.) She used to read a poem to us at the end of each school day from "Where the Sidewalk Ends," even in sixth grade. In third grade she told us we were the best class she'd ever had, and she tried to teach grades 4 and 5 each year we moved forward. Finally in our last year of grade school she got our class again in sixth grade. She knew all of our names, all of our families, all of our strengths and weaknesses. She was just a really good person. She had two high school and college aged daughters named Shelly and Pamela, and they even knew us by name.

We all adored her, and she did become like a second mom to many of us. Easily the best grade school teacher I ever had.

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Mrs Aumen. She was young, very blonde, and pretty. I liked her. She was demure.

My 4th grade teacher, though I dont remember her name, had us all over her apartment for a dinner party!

I dont remember my 2nd grade at all. 1st grade was a real cranky woman, 5th grade was a horrible man who was mean to me, 6th was another young, blonde woman, although looking back she was quite ditzy.

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Mrs. Simpson! She was the best! I do admit I was fortunate to have some truly extraordinary educators in my school career. Mrs. Simpson made school so much fun! She was upbeat and positive but also very real with you. I remember we had a grandparent's tea that year and I brought my Nana and we won a raffle prize. That was the year I got braces and found out I am allergic to penicillin. It was a big year. Her husband also knew my dad from an old job and her first name was the same as my nickname so that was cool

I think the top 3 were her.
Mrs. Webber - amazing 6th grade teacher who taught us how to write ballads, hosted cool events and had a class rat named Snowy. She also did not get completely scandalized when I brought a romance novel to school. Just calmly told me it was best to keep them at home. It was the only book in my house I hadn't read! She had us write letters to our future selves and keep journals. Even though she eventually left our district she still showed up with those letters at Senior night! We are now FB friends which is really awesome.

Mrs. (ack I can't remember her name but I can see her clearly) 7th grade Language Arts- she had an amazing classroom library and was big on reading. We could read whatever we wanted. Some books required parental permission (this is when I read the Clan of the Cave Bear series). It was almost like I'd died and gone to heaven being allowed to read so much!

Mr. Boggs - 12th grade Shaker Studies (history) - this was such an amazing program and probably had the biggest impact on my professional career. I know I became an historian because of him and this experience. I also believe it is why I became a teacher. We got to study the last active Shaker community (which is in my hometown) and by extension examine our local history. We worked with the Shakers, got to do primary research in their amazing library, explore their buildings and really BE historians. The school fired him a few years after I graduated (I have NO idea why, he was amazing) and the program was cut. They recently had someone revive it as a semester long elective. For me it was an honors senior US History course. I always advocate for them to bring it back. I still go visit the Village and see Brother Arnold. It's one of my favorite places on the planet.

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