Remedy for sticky cast iron pans?

I recently found some very old rusty cast iron pans and decided to clean them for use. I managed to get most of the rust off, and seasoned them. They came out really sticky. I used vegetable oil (just rubbed it on with a paper towel) and put them in the oven at 500 degrees for about 20 minutes. I did this two or three times with each pan (recoating and heating in the oven).

I just know I screwed something up because they're not supposed to be sticky. I'm not going out to buy Crisco to season 3 pans. Should I scrub them and start over again with the vegetable oil?

Sounds like too much oil. You don't need Crisco. Vegetable oil works great.
Just re-do it with a thinner layer of oil.
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Should I just try to burn the oil off on the stove top, wipe down with a paper towel, and start again? Or should I scrub the sticky oil off, reapply the oil, then put in the oven?

Thanks Saria.
You're welcome. Just scrub it off and start over. The only time mine were sticky was from that.
I just cleaned and seasoned an old one. I sprayed it with oven cleaner and put it in a plastic bag overnight. Tie the bag so it doesn't dry up. The old layers will come right off with an sos pad. You won't need to scrub it forever. I did use crisco on mine but vegetable oil is fine. I baked it upside down for 1 hour at 350. Then let it cool in the oven. It turned out perfect.

I'm thinking maybe you used too much oil and too high heat.
^High heat is actually more effective.
And vegetable oils (unsaturated fat) are more effective than shortening/lard/bacon fat (saturated fats).
Low heat and shortening work, too, though.
I used beef suet to season mine, but that was like 20 years ago.

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