These dreams go on when I close my eyes...

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it's a long time since i've had one of those seemingly longer dreams that i can remember:

i'm in a room trying to find a top to wear, there are boxes all around and there's no bed, just a mattress on the floor and it's unmade. i walk into a closet and pull a t-shirt off a hanger and put it on, then slip on some sandals and go out to the living room.

it's sparsely furnished and there are more boxes around. the room is long and seems narrow. my purse is sitting on a table by the floor an i pick it up and go out. the driveway appears to be long, it's tree-lined and slopes upward.

at the end of the driveway, the street slopes up to the right to a set of traffic lights and down to the left toward another street. i turn and look behind me and can't see the house i came from because of the trees, but i can see Lake Ontario behind it and the skyline of Toronto in the distance. that's when i realize i must be out in the Scarborough Bluffs.

i go up the hill to the right and when i get to the lights, my cell phone starts ringing and i pull it out of my purse to answer it.

"hi, where are you?" says a voice that sounds strangely familiar. "i'm waiting on the roof deck at the usual place."

the phone clicks off and i'm looking around in confusion when i notice a restaurant across the street that has a roof deck. i cross at the lights and walk up to the place and go up the stairs to the roof deck.

waiting there is Scott MacGillivray - tv reno guy - and he's waiting for me! he has plans spread out all over a table and waves me over when he sees me. i sit down next to him and he starts explaining how he's going to renovate my house to restore it and fix all the bad work that's been done over the years. while he's talking, a waitress comes over with a drink for me - it's cranberry and vodka, and i realize i must have met with Scott here before to talk reno.

after we're done, he tells me that we're going to be neighbours, that he bought the abandoned house just up the street on the hill behind this restaurant. i tell him that i didn't know there was a house back there and he invites me to come take a look.

we go back out to the street and walk uphill about half a block. there's another long, tree-lined driveway going up the side of a hill and when we get halfway up, i can see a beautiful, vaguely Mediterranean-style home with a terra cotta roof. it's huge and it's obviously been abandoned for years. a couple of vans are parked near the house and there some workmen walking around the building.

Scott and i shake hands and i walk back to my house. it's much, much warmer outside than when i left to meet him.

i go inside the house and the tv is on to the Weather Network. i'm looking at the tv puzzling because i know i didn't leave it on when this woman comes into the room from the kitchen. she tells me i got a call and hands me a piece of paper.

i go back to the bedroom and start trying to pick something to wear finally settling on a light denim dress and the sandals again. i dump the contents of my purse into a straw handbag. the woman is in the living room and tells me that i won't be warm enough, and i pick up a pashmina from the sofa and tuck it in my purse.

the doorbell rings and i open it to find Bill Murray there, he's wearing sunglasses and a tweed coat with a velvet collar and an ascot. i ask him why he's always so over-dressed as he comes in the door. he doesn't say anything and i go out as the housekeeper comes in the room and hands him a cup of coffee.

this time i go to the left at the end of the driveway, then turn right right up the next street. the houses here are smaller and further apart and there are fewer trees. there's an open field behind the ones on the left.

this street slopes back up to the main road again, but there is a bus stop at the top of it and i can see two people waiting. as i approach the stop, i can see a bus coming from a short distance away and pick up my pace.

but it's not my bus, and the banner says "90 Express" which is the only express bus route in the city i live in now! (weird!) the bus stops and the teen boy waiting gets on. i turn and there's a blonde-haired woman in blue waiting in the shade of the bus shelter. she tells me that the regular bus is running late and i look at my watch and that's when i woke up!

you know you watch too many reno shows on tv when you dream about the tv hosts!

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What do I get for falling asleep on the couch after finishing up the latest episode Hannibal?

A dream about someone feeding a Amazon Parrot scrambled eggs.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

i had the worst time trying to sleep last night because i ache all over from pulling creeping charlie out of my garden. all night long i just dozed on and off, but i had one very vivid dream:

i am sitting in a coffee shop listening to the conversation at the next table. two young women are talking about buying jewelry and one mentions a store near my old high school. i lean over and say that it's a great store and has been for many years and they decide to go there.,

just then, the door opens and a woman i knew in opera school comes in.

"There you are", she says to me, "it's time to go".

we go out the door and we are in a place that i think might be Little Italy in Toronto, because there are streetcars like Toronto, but there is a big open square surrounded by shops and the buildings look like they belong in Florence or Milan.

it's crowded, but we find a table outside a chocolate shop and sit down to watch the world go by. some old men are playing chess at a table nearby, i can hear folk songs being played on a violin and accordion, and another old man who's watching the chess players is singing along. a group of nuns are dancing to the music! children are playing a makeshift soccer game in between all the people.

my friend decides she wants some cocoa, so we go into the chocolate shop. she goes to the counter and i wander around the cases full of beautiful candy. behind me i hear someone say "Is that rouquinne?" literally using rouquinne instead of my real name.

i turn around to find a tall, handsome young man who looks like Jesse Williams from "Grey's Anatomy" standing there. "Oh, I recognized you from Twitter," he says and holds out his hand. we introduce ourselves and he kisses my hand. before we can say anything else, my friend comes and says it's time to leave.

we walk a different way through the square, down an alley that leads to a large church. past the church is a wide street fronting on to a river. "My family used to own a house down here", she says to me and we turn left on this street. a few houses down, she stops at a big stone mansion and says "This is it."

going around to the back, you can see where an addition has been put on the building to turn it into apartments. "This is where you're working today," the woman says to me, and hands me a sheaf of papers she pulls out of her bag.

i go inside and the whole building is very over-done - chandeliers, lace curtains, over-stuffed chairs covered in dark red brocade - a stereotype of Italian design. the elevator is old-fashioned with gates for doors and i take it up to the top. there is a lounge that looks like the lobby on the main floor. several people are standing and sitting about talking.

a man comes up to me and asks me if i'm there to check if they've voted yet and i say yes. he tells me that he already has and i put a check mark beside his name and go down the hall to the first apartment on the list.

the woman inside says that she hasn't voted and doesn't plan to, so i thank her and head down the hall...

and that's when i woke up!

weird dream!!!!

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I dreamt that I was pregnant and thumbed a ride on the back of a flatbed truck to Cleveland to visit scrills! I wanted her to see some tile I was considering for a backsplash in my kitchen. LOL
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Before my finals I had a dream about drinking blood 😖😖I mean full on drinking it. I cooked soup with it and everything. But I remember being told I can't eat a 3rd bowl because then I would become a vampire 😳
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why would a dream about an alternate workplace have Evil Coworker in it???

i don't remember much about the dream, but there was a family in pajamas wandering around and sitting at round table in the coffee room at one point.

at lunch time, we were sitting outside and there was some dark building with glass balconies and nearly every one had a telescope and/or a camera with a telephoto lens making me think they were trained on some celebrity's house.

other than Evil Coworker (who received a package of vintage sewing patterns in the mail that another coworker opened), i had a boss named George, who left for a conference in Vancouver and as soon as the door closed behind him, the office seemed to break out into a party.

at one point, we were talking about hats and someone had a big one like Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's".

the other people i do remember in the dream were Brian Orser, the skater, my friend Forrest (who lives here and i see a couple of times a month) and two guys named Jim from my class in high school.

very disjointed and weird dream...

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i wish i could leap out of bed and write these down so i don't start forgetting details, but today is garbage day and i had to leap out of bed to bring my trash to the sidewalk!

and it's COLD outside!

around the corner from where i live is an Hispanic evangelical church. it's surrounded by lots of little bungalows.

in the dream, i'm walking down the street where the church is and there's snow everywhere. instead of going on to my house, i turn on the walkway to one a couple of doors down from the church.

i go up the stairs and walk in the front door without knocking... into the living room of my grandparents' house in my home town.

no one is there, but it looks EXACTLY as it did the last time i was in the house, which is almost 40 years ago now. i walk around touching things and follow the long hallway where the 2 small bedrooms are located on either side of a tiny bathroom. it's dark and quiet.

i turn and go back to the living room - this is where it gets fuzzy. the next thing i remember is that i'm driving back up to the house in a little car with someone i don't know and we are on the street in my current city. the woman driving is Swedish and she is telling me how difficult it is going to be for her to get home for Christmas in a couple of days.

we stop at the house and there is a fresh fall of snow and the walkway is narrow. we are loaded down with bags and when i open the door to go in, a fluffy white cat dashes out! (my grandparents never owned a cat.)

i drop my bags on the floor and run after the cat, who has now sunk into the snow and is looking quite indignant. i scoop her up and bring her back in the house.

the layout of everything is the same, but the decor and colours are all new and updated and my sister is sitting there. "why did you let the cat out?" she asks me, and i tell her she just escaped.

without bothering to put the groceries away, i go through the house again to find it bright, white and updated, though the beds have old-fashioned bedspreads on them. i lie down to have a nap in the 2nd bedroom.

when i wake up, i hear voices and there is now a large bookcase under a picture window that wasn't there before. it is packed with books and music and there are boxes on top. the closet is open and jammed with things and my mom's older brother is sorting through them. this is odd because the house is the one that belonged to my dad's parents and i don't think my uncle Bob ever saw it.

i ask what he's doing and he says that he's getting everything ready for the estate sale and tosses a couple of items on the bed. one is a folio with a photo book and 78rpm records of Louis Armstrong. another uncle on my mom's side pokes his head in and gives me a train ticket and says i better hurry, my mom is waiting for me, and i look at him and say "i just got here!" (my home town is hundreds of miles away from where i currently live.)


i only have bits and pieces after that.

it was quite weird!

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dont even get me started on this topic lol I was sayin to myself not long ago that I need to invest myself in a dreamcatcher. 😁🙆
I had the wildest dreams last night. I was working but the office was a huge log cabin. There was going to be a large gathering there that night and I kept cooking and answering calls at the same time. Later on I am roaming around the property and woods, talking to people, and notice something above the trees. I thought it was giant Teletubbies at first, and I was running around screaming about the effing giant freaks. I hate teletubbies. Turns out it was 3 huge bears following me around. They would sneak and peak above the tree tops, were super tall, skinny stuffed bears with huge football shaped heads. I sat down and watched them until some freaky guy came up, tried to cuddle, and asked if I was a virgin too. After that I ventured to town, on a tricycle. *I remember spending several minutes trying to make it up a large hill, onto main st, and eventually did it. Someone was having a huge street party and Little Jon was there, looking at me like I was insane. Eventually I went back to the cabin and realized I had walked away from my job and no one had answered calls all night. I woke up after that.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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I won't go into too much detail or I would turn this thread into one you have to pay and be 18 to enter but I had 2 separate dreams about 2 different men last night where my biological clock was screaming at the top of it's lungs. One was a less than enthusiastic encounter, a weird situation and basically donor. The other was Alexander Skarsgard and he did it right. All of it.

It all reminds me of a dinner I had with my grade and high school chorus teacher and his husband a few years ago. He looked at me and said, "is your biological clock screaming yet?" I told him it was beeping loudly from to time. He said, "honey, you don't need a man for that". Lol. I love him.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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I keep dreaming about my dad. 2 nights in a row now. In my dream last night I was listening to audio he had recorded about liking his new doctor. Later on he was sitting across from me at a table talking about everything having vibrations. He said his doctor told him the highest goal was connecting to and feeling the vibrations of another person. Nothing my father would have actually said in a million years but interesting.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

I have a recurring dream about a school teacher I used to have a massive crush on (spanning 3 years). They always involve me running around school trying to find him so I can tell him how I feel but I never end up finding him and it's really stressful. I always wake up feeling quite sad. Happened last night.

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So many weird dreams in a little over an hour.

I was running and hiding from a man who was trying to find me. ETA: First part was intense. Running thru locker rooms, trying to find weapons, my car was missing, I was with a couple of old friends and they took off & left me.* I ended up in a strange house, with my mom, where some creatures lived. ETA: I did forget to mention they were demon/troll like creatures wearing cute pajamas. Male & female.* I ran from them and ran into a man who wrote out some type of a riddle on a little piece of leather. Something about a cream pie and fry but he put a period between the fr.y.

Also dreamed I was shopping for quite some time. I was getting ready to buy Chanel gloves when I woke up from that one. The interesting thing was the news reports on television as I was in the store. Denzel Washington became an Excavator, bought heavy equipment and was doing work for people to save up enough money to buy something special for a family member. What?

My last dream involved me being in a house with my mom again and several other women I did not know. They were all sewing clothes for friends (cute clothes) and having nervous breakdowns about various things.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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Yesterday, I saw this meme on FB with the explanation: a man left his wife for 20 days while he went on a trip. She sent him this picture, he determined she was cheating on him and asked her for a divorce. Can you tell why?

Ughhhhhh, then I had nightmares about it last night!

^ hahaha. Oh dear.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

I had a ZA dream when I went back to sleep for a couple hours this morning. I was with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad) in an abandoned video/music store that was a farm house in the middle of no where! I think Steve Zahn was there too but I'm not 100% clear on that.
They had guitars, machetes and various knives hanging from the ceiling above the vinyl collection. We were listening to music which attracted zombies. They started climbing thru a bedroom window and we were smashing them with guitars. After we took care of that situation I got a feeling that something was upstairs. We heard a noise and Ellen Paige came down with her followers. They were a freaky cult. I was disposing of Ellen Paige when I woke up. I like Juno!! But she tried to kill me first.

Damn Walking Dead.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

Ok I don't get the meme. I feel stupid.
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Go Red Wings!

I have been having all kinds of crazy dreams during my few hours of sleep today. I can only remember parts of some. I was constantly driving thru road construction for some reason. Then I was in a house with my bestie and his brother, my ex, who wanted to get back together. My bestie was telling me to go out with him and I was saying, "I'm going to". So some stuff happened that I will leave out but I have no doubt a lot of it was symbolic.

There were also a bunch of other people coming and going from the house. Some guy delivering me messages from a secret admirer that made me uncomfortable (and pissed off the ex). Another guy kept sticking peppermint scented gel pads in his shoes. He was always naked, other than the shoes and weird. I have no idea who he belonged to. *Come to think of it, he might have been the SA. I was told I had met him and was wondering if it was the naked peppermint man. Never take candy from strangers, kids* My dentist was making house calls but never did anything. So strange.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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While I'm in here I will share the full dream I had 6 months ago about my ex. I have mentioned my strange habit of having dreams about him that end up being true in part before. I've briefly shared parts in another thread but I'll unload the whole story. IRL, I'll just say he had been away for some time (if you know, you know) and I had the dream 2 months before I was able to see him.

In the dream I was living in an apartment. He moved into a near by house but none of this was in our home town. The apartment I lived in was in the middle of town so people were always outside. I kept seeing my ex standing outside, looking at the building but never coming in and talking to me. Eventually we started talking a little but things were still strange. At one point I was being harassed by some guy who hung out at the building next door. He was sending me threats via text messages/social media and always lurking. I couldn't ever see him. Just dark hair and a jacket. The ex took care of that situation rather quickly but then my dream went to some girl in walking down the road with her friends talking about how much she hated me. I had no idea who she was. Meanwhile the ex and I were back to not talking for awhile. This went on for some time and I could not figure out exactly what was going on. The dream ended with me moving into a house. I was standing in the kitchen, folding dish towels and putting them up when the same girl showed up with a bunch of friends making threats. She was trying to get in the house and I was saying bring it but who TF are you when the ex walked in a door behind me, came up to me, put his arms around me, said a few things about them not getting away with doing this to me and went out to talk to them. They went away after that and everything was good.

So, again IRL... 2 months after the dream I talk to my ex. He's now living in a house in a different town. We have some pretty heavy conversations about us but then I find out his co workers had set him up with some girl that he had been talking to a few weeks. She knew all about me and our past. I knew nothing about her. She flipped out and told him she was scared of me/our history and told him not to talk to me. He listened, for a little while. Then he said I don't want a life without my ex in it, I don't care what you think and started talking to me again. During that time a guy who assaulted me years ago and who I had to block on Facebook, 3 times, a couple years ago sent a message and friend request to my ex. We were getting back together when the guy assaulted me and in fact, he did it because I was getting back together with my ex and he couldn't date me. So, the ex flew into a rage over that one and I don't think either one of us will ever hear from him again. ETA: In my dream, it was not good. I'll say that: IRL he was looking for his keys to come and find him when I finally got him to calm down enough to realize he is on the ofher coast. He left our town a few weeks after what he did to me and eventually ended up in CA. That I am glad about. It would be bad if he ever saw him.* So now I'm kind of curious about some other parts of the dream, as silly as it may sound. Might be nothing but given the history ... Might be something.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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