Can I knit a rug?

I want to try to knit a rug for my room that will be 36 by 90 inches. So how would I go about doing this? I am a beginner knitter, but I have completed a few scarves and various pot holders, a pillowcase, etc. But I don't know how I would go about knowing how many stiches to cast on or how many rows to do etc. Is there anyone who can make up a plan for me in their head for a rug this size? Or direct me to a website that will tell me how to knit a rug? Thanks
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There's a book on rug knitting but I apologize, the name escapes me. Try Amazon & look up knitting books.

also this site has a few patterns:
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I have a book called The Knitted Rug, by Donna Druchunas. It has quite a few nice rugs in it that I am going to knit. As for the size you can always adjust the measurements to your needs.

I got it on Amazon, cheaper than the regular bookstores.

Hope this helps.
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