Spinoff - Obscure or short-lived but awesome tv shows!

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I've only seen parts of an episode or two of Sports Night. I'd love to watch the series.
I totally remember Throb, Jennifer Slept Here, and Double Trouble. Someone had the USA Network! I also remember It's a Living, with Ann Jillian and Crystal Bernard.

I remember watching a series version of 9 to 5 on TBS when I was a kid.

One of my favorite obscure/short-lived shows was Filthy Rich, starring Dixie Carter and Delta Burke before Designing Women. It was by the same show creators, too. I loved that show! I think you can see small clips on youtube.

I remember The Powers That Be! I remember thinking how David Hyde Pierce reminded me of Kelsey Grammer, and then lo and behold, they cast him a couple of years later as Kelsey's brother. I adore Holland Taylor, which reminds me of another series: The Naked Truth, with Holland Taylor and Tea Leoni. Cute show--was better the first few seasons, though; after a while they completely revamped it.

I love The Riches, with Minnie Driver and Eddie Izzard. It was a dramedy about a family of gypsies. Only two seasons. A casualty of the Writer's Guild strike. Such a shame, because it was extremely well-acted and well-written. I believe it's still on netflix instant. WATCH IT.

Caprica only lasted one season, but I enjoyed that one, too. Didn't get the viewership Battlestar Galactica did. Probably due to SyFy's screwy scheduling issues.
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Freaks and Geeks- I watched it religiously

Arrested Dev.- even rewatching it on netflix, I'm dying laughing

Swingtown on NBC- set in the 70s, yuppie couple with kids move across the street from kidless swinger couple. Loved it. Had a season finale and never came back.

United States of Tara- adored this show. Was pissed they cancelled it.
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Journeyman--A man gets sent back in time to fix situations that have caused problems in the present. The writer's strike killed this show in the first season.

I'm willing to admit that I watched this show for Lucius Vore...uh, I mean Kevin McKidd. I'll have to watch it again...maybe it was crap.
Originally Posted by legends
I watched this. I thought it was so good. I was disappointed it ended so soon.

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I remember The Riches!

And I liked Swingtown too.

Summerland. A single woman lives with a few single friends on the beach in California. She inherits custody of her 3 nieces and nephews when her sister and brother in law die in a car accident. Cute show.

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Dark Angel. Loved it! Inspired my screen name. Then James Cameron decided to get "creative" and effed it up. Cancelled faster than you can blink. SMH.

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