I'm Engaged.....

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Some of you may remember the thread I started about the bf who was rushing me and smothering me. I had decided to end it. Well, he came over to talk Memorial Day and we got back together. It's been incredible.

He proposed Tuesday evening. He had sent me a dozen white roses to my work. He called when I got home and asked if he could stop by. He looked very serious and he took my hand and went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I know a little corny, but I loved it.

We are hoping to get married 4/25/2013. A year from the day we 1st met. We both have to have our 1st marriages annulled thru the Catholic church, so this will take some time. We have a priest helping us with the process and we are starting couples counselling in 2 weeks.

After 20 years I have finally found my Mr. Right......
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Wow, congratulations!

So, you just met him in April of this year? Sounds like quite a whirlwind.
Best of luck in your relationship, Lotsa. But I think annuling a marriage that produced three kids is honestly silly.

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Congrats, Lotsa!

I wish you every happiness.

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i'm concerned....

you seemed to have some serious misgivings about him only a month ago to go by your previous post.


you also said in that thread that you wanted to "take it slow"... this doesn't sound slow.
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I thought my husband was smothering when i first met him...and i almost broke it off the first week. But, what i found out was that he was just NICE. For a woman used to being mistreated by men, nice felt wrong...at first. Once i let myself go, i found i rather liked nice, and being treated well.

I hope it's similar with your new nice man.

I also think it's silly to annul a marriage that produced children, but that's just my non-religious opinion.

Good luck to you.
If you are happy that is good. I am glad the wedding is more than a year away based upon your earlier concerns with this relationship. What did he stop doing that made you change your mind about him? I am surprised that you have done a complete 180 with this guy. You were pretty adamant he was not the one for you.
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It does seem like a quick turnaround, but hey, anyone can change their mind.
Congrats and good luck!
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Oh, the guy who turned your butt out! LOLOL

Congratulations and best wishes.

FYI - Catholic annulment doesn't try to say the marriage didn't happen or wasn't valid...just that it wasn't a true covenant w/ God due to various pre-existing conditions.

I understand the concerns and confusion. It wasn't so much that he changed, but I did. When I broke it off I really missed him. I'm glad he called wanting to talk in person. By talking to him I realized that I was afraid and had a wall up. Like RCW I wasn't use to a NICE man. I wasn't use to someone wanting to be with me and call me everyday. I've gotten pretty independant and into myself because of being single for 20 years. I also have trust issues especially becuz of my x-husband.

I decided to just flow with it and follow his lead and it's been wonderful. People may see us as moving very fast, but it just seems right. I know couples who have gotten engaged after just a few months. I think there should be more concern if we decided to marry after just a few months. We both want a year to continue building our relationship and doing the counselling. We made mistakes in our 1st marriages and don't want to do the same again.
From Michael Berg:

Every person has a unique connection to the Creator that can never be extinguished, and every person has a great soul that can manifest important things in our world. To make a person feel less than they are because of something inside themselves, be it faith, race, or sexual orientation, is the greatest sin of all."
Congrats! I wish you all the best.

I agree about the "nice" thing. I have seen an a lot if suspicion of people who are "too nice". It's kind of sad. Whether it's because people are not used to kindness or because they think there is some sort if ulterior motive.
Congrats, Lotsa! I'm sure you and your fiancÚ will have many years of happiness!

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Congratulations, Lotsa. That's wonderful news.

We often take each other's words for fact and forget that we too make mistakes or misinterpret things. I can believe that you were freaking out about a perfectly great guy.

Go make each other happy.
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Good for you, Lotsa, you deserve a nice guy. Congrats and many years of happiness!
Congrats Lotsa!

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Congratulations, lotsa, I'm so very happy for you!
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How exciting! I wish you the very best Lotsa. Keep us posted!
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Well, it sounds like you're happy and sure about this, so congratulations!

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