I personally wasn't trying to give any reasons of why it can't work out the other way nor have I stated that it can't for you or another person. What I conveyed was that I personally do not prefer the older woman and younger man relationship based on reasons that I find valid. To me that's a whole entirely different discussion topic.

I did say in my inital post that in your situation that I just don't see any problem with you enjoy your time with this young man. Frankly, I really haven't seen anyone here saying specifically that it can't work. But it does seem like there is some slight "off" feeling on your part about you being with him. I think you called it feeling "a bit pervy". I don't see anything pervy about it. You are an adult, he's an adult, and both of you are consenting to spend time with eachother in whatever way both of you deem appropriate. So there really is no reason for me to give you any reasons that it can't work out.
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Yea I was actually not talking about my situation, sorry that was unclear, but for a relationship in general. I know in my situation it's whatever since it's just fun. I've made it clear to him I'm not looking for anything serious and I believe he feels the same way. We both have come out of serious relationships(he was engaged) and want to move soon, me up north and him to either Turkey or Korea if he can(he's in the air force).

I remember when I was 24, I hooked up a few times and am still friends with a guy who was 33 at the time. That also felt odd but I went for it..it's pushing the boundaries for me but I guess I do that. :P