Back from the Iron Maiden Concern *pix* and more to be added....

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Alice Cooper is opening! This will be my son's first concert!! I am so excited.
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Have a great time, and what a great first concert for your son. I took my son to see AC/DC when he was 14. You are making a memory for him!
Fun! I always think of Bill and Ted. "Put them in the iron maiden!"
"Iron Maiden? Excellent!"

I was born to be a pessimist. My blood type is B Negative.
Oh have fun. I took my teenagers to see Rush last year. It was their first concert. My mom would never have done that!
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This is my hootchie 'mama' concert clothes...

Pictures from the concert to follow later...
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How fun! My mom took me to my first real concert - Motley Crue.

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