View Poll Results: Would you buy a pink car?
yes 13 21.67%
maybe 6 10.00%
nope 41 68.33%
Voters: 60. You may not vote on this poll

Now honestly would you not buy a car because it was pink?!

My bf painted my car pink for me and he thinks that because it's pink that absolutely no one will buy it whenever I try to sell it(Which won't be for a longtime)....I know not many males would want to buy it, but would any of you gals buy a pink car? I am curious to see if I am just weird or if other people would enjoy having a pink car....

Here is a picture of it so you can see just how pink it is...

Here is a link if the picture doesn't work out
I must have that car! I am so serious, I saw a pink beattle today and nearly died!
The only time I could possibly conceive of me buying a pink car is if it were a specific 1950s era cadillac. But if I am ever rich enough to buy Elvis' car, I would rather spend the money on other things. Like a getaway to Barbados, a private jet, an original Picasso, a night with Patrick Stewart...
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Cant see the pic.
So i voted no I would no buy a pink car. Maybe it depends on what kind of car it is.
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Yeah I can understand it depending on the car, LoL mine doesn't look too good now because I can't afford to tint the windows and lower it and do something with the lights(The red in the back looks horrible I think, I have clear corners in the front that help)

If the pic doesn't work try right clicking and then clicking show picture that fixed it for me....
My car is purple.

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I would never ever buy a pink car. Ever.
Nope, people would think I was a Mary Kay lady. Desperate women would be flagging me down for moisturizer and lipstick.

As pink cars go, it's cute but you probably will have a hard time reselling it..
I like pink but not cars, sorry. I generally don't like bright/odd colors on cars. My car is turquoise...I hate it. But at the time I bought it, I didn't really have the luxury of choosing the color I wanted and I've vowed the next car I get will be something "normal." Probably black. Maybe navy.
If it were a classic like this one, yes - in a heartbeat! But I think it looks odd on more recent cars.

I love you for your pink Cadillac,
Crushed velvet seats,
Ridin' in the back,
Cruisin' down the street,
Wavin' to the girls,
Peelin' outta sight,
Spendin' all my money on a Saturday night,
Honey I just wonder what you do there in the back of your
Pink Cadillac, Pink Cadillac.

Your car is kind of cute though. Under the right circumstances I'd buy it, but it wouldn't be one of my top choices. I prefer more subdued colors in cars. I had a red car...never again. So a pink car would be low on my list (and pink is actually my favorite color ).
I drive a red Suburban, but when I get a different Sub, its going to be black- purple or a combination
I'd call your car salmon.

I probably wouldn't, but I have the luxury of buying new cars, and don't particularly like pink anyway. But I think your car looks good that color, and would imagine you'd be able to resell it.
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I personally would never buy a pink car, but I remember back in high school when the GEO trackers first came out that pink (or a pinkish color) was a stock color. And a girlfriend of mine got it. And it was cooooolll (then again any car in high school is pretty cool). So I think you might be able to sell it to a 16 year old girl...

ETA, ya know what. Screw that. I would buy a pink car if the price was right and I had no other options. I certainly wouldn't go looking for a pink car, but heck, my second car was an OLD UGLY BROWN corrolla. But it was cheap and reliable.
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Originally Posted by GuardianB
- February 25, 2004

Aya. That's Aya spelled backwards.

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Well thank you guys, I'm just glad a couple people said yes they would. Maybe I should have asked would you buy a pink car for your daughter :P

Whenever I do sell it I think my best bet will be putting it up on ebay and advertising it like mad. Driving it around in my town gets me a lot of looks and want my next car(hopefully a Fod ZX2) to be that same pink but I don't want there to be two cars that colour in my town! That's how this whole thing started, I asked my bf if whenever I got a new car he'd paint it pink again and he shook his head and was like "You know you're going to have all these pink cars and no one is going to buy them so our backyard is going to be full of pink cars that we can't sell"

haha anyways thanks again
That's Pepto-pink!

And no, sorry I will never drive a pink vehicle.
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Dh once started to paint my car this weird ass Mary Kay on Acid pink...

It ended up with a Cadillac Pearl tri-coat, I threw a fit when I saw what color he had picked out.
I clicked "maybe" becasue it depends on the car. No, I would not buy that car. A newer pink car seems odd to me! I would buy a vintage pink car. A '57 Chevy or a '67 Mustang, something like that.

My uncle had a pink '66 Mustang when I was growing up. Original paint, original owner, original seats... Boy did he baby that car. Then my cousin trashed it about 10 years ago. I was so mad, I WANTED THAT CAR!!! If I'd gotten it, it would still be with us.
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Don't taillights have to be red?

Your car isn't my style but I can see why you love it!
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