Can you believe these two are around 70?

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Alex Trebek is 71 and Martha Stewart will be 70 this year. Martha looks fabulous! I don't even think she's had anything done. Plus, she said she used to sleep only 3-4 hours a night, and she literally works her butt off every day.
while i didn't realize Martha Stewart was that old, i know Alex Trebek hosted a quiz-show for high school students called Reach For the Top up here in Canada starting when i was in grade school, so i knew how old he was.

poor dear man had a second heart attack today....
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I cant believe Martha is that old. I know Alex is, he just had a heart attack i think.
They are both very young looking (and active!) 70-somethings, indeed. Was sad to hear about Alex, I hope he recovers soon.
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Martha'll be 71 in one month! I can't beleive it. She looks great.
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I certainly can't believe it. William Shatner is 81 which can't be possible.

Our next door neighbor just turned 70 and doesn't look a day over 50. I almost fell OVER when he told us how old he is and I still don't believe it because he looks great.

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Good bone structure, I guess!

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