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Who Me? 06-25-2012 08:27 AM

"Best" website for tracking food/calories for weightloss?
Anyone have any suggestions? I feel like I've used them all at one time or another, and either the websites have now totally changed, or there's a whole new set of websites out there.

I want an easy way to keep track of what I eat, so I don't convince myself "Oh, go ahead and have that glass of wine, you've eaten well today!" at night, for example. I want a lot of foods in the database so I can easily pick what I ate, but at the same time I don't want the same exact food in there 30 times because people kept entering the same food with a misspelling. I find that so annoying.

I'm not really concerned with tracking my activity at all. It's just food. And I'd rather not have a website be "yelling at me" that I didn't eat enough carbs, for example.

So, what do people use? What's the most user-friendly that you've found?

I was using CalorieCount for a while, but I just want something new and fresh because I'm really trying to "start over".

spiderlashes5000 06-25-2012 08:40 AM

A friend of mine downloaded the Lose It app to her phone and has had great results.

maria_i 06-25-2012 08:49 AM

I still prefer Fitday over all other sites/apps.

luvmylocs 06-25-2012 09:09 AM


Who Me? 06-25-2012 09:11 AM


Originally Posted by maria_i (Post 1981410)
I still prefer Fitday over all other sites/apps.

I just signed up for this one. I think I must be missing something. Can you not search for brand names of food?

WurlyLox 06-25-2012 09:49 AM

Spark People - besides good tracking tools - once you get it all set up to suit you - there's a lot of inspirational and informational stuff, too

cmb4314 06-25-2012 10:18 AM

I've been liking MyFitnessPal. I can almost always find what I'm looking for on there, even as specific as the store brand from our local chain.

I also like the recipe feature where you can enter all the components from the recipe and have it add the calories for you. It has proven to be quite convenient for things I cook often. Though, I would not be surprised if other sites had this feature, I've never used anything else to know.

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nes223 06-25-2012 11:05 AM

Myfitnesspal is my favorite.

Also has a very supportive forum about weightloss

damsel_fly 06-25-2012 11:25 AM

I've started using Sparkpeople again. It has a lot of features (which can be ignored if you want). There is advertising. I like the different reports, forums, and even the points.

I think Sparkpeople's positives outweigh the negatives (ads, bit preachy).

curlylaura 06-27-2012 05:39 AM

MyFitnessPal. It has a scanning feature too

ursula 06-27-2012 06:20 AM

I have used Sparkpeople, Lose It, and Myfitnesspal (the latter two are on my phone) and, to be honest, I prefer to just keep a food journal as a Word file on my computer. It's just easier than wasting time finding something similar to what you ate, and I have a pretty good sense of how many calories are in things. All I track are the calories--like you, I'm not interested in tracking carbs & things, although I do try to eat healthyish. The plus side is that I try to overestimate calories when I'm not sure, so I probably end up eating less than I would with one of those apps.

WurlyLox 06-27-2012 11:38 AM

I agree if you don't have the patience to get the foods you regularly eat set up in SparkPeople, but if you can put up with that at first, then it's a breeze most of the time. I haven't used any of the phone apps, so I don't know how it compares now, but it used to the considered about the best.

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