Are you a "birthday" person?

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Sure am. My birthdays were usually acknowledged as a child but they were never celebrated in a big way. I remember feeling cheated because my cousins and some of my classmates had big celebrations while most of the time, the only people around were my immediate family and all I got was cake (my birthday's in August). Since becoming an adult, I've usually celebrated it. Most of the time it's just going out for dinner or for drinks, but I did have a huge party for my 40th. I only make a big deal out of it for the actual day. I don't get people who have to celebrate for the entire month, though. That's extra.
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I will say I do make a big deal out of my kids birthdays. I decorate the whole house at night while they're sleeping so when they come downstairs there's balloons and streamers and tons of birthday decorations. And then we do birthday stuff as a family all day.

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In my family the birthday person gets to pick the meal, which I always enjoy.

I also use my birthday as an excuse to get together with friends. There are more people I love around than there are hours of the day, so having birthdays as a set excuse to go to dinner and spend time together makes me smile.

My dad coaches a high school aged summer baseball team, and my birthday is right as they're in the season-end tournament. He decided to retire from coaching this year, so I really hope he's not around on my birthday and we'll have a late celebration, because it means they will have made it past regionals if they're not back.
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Yes, I usually take off on my bday but didn't have enough days this year so I worked and it kinda sucked. Most of the time I have something big planned. I love birthdays.
Not really. I can get uncomfortable when other people do nice things for me (weird, I know) so I have never been a big celebrator. Maybe just drinks with a small group of friends at the most.

I have come to dread my birthday for the past few years, though. There is a bizarre and awkward ritual that takes place at my job for people's birthdays that I hate but cannot change.
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Yes, I expect my parents and my SO/man in my life to acknowledge my bday w/ some kind of gift or dinner or activity. But I don't expect or want a party or vacation or a weeks worth of events.

I throw my kids big bday parties. They have November and December bdays we can't ever do backyard or park parties. (And 'm not letting 15 kids in my house w/ punch and food!) So I wind up spending a lot to have them at places. But the kids love them! Really makes them feel special and important LOL

I have an Aug bday (like Lady V) and I felt kinda cheated bc it was too early to invite school friends and too late to invite camp friends, so it was usually a neighborhood party, either in my neighborhood or overseas if I was visiting my family.

I am definitely a birthday person! As others have said, birthdays were a big deal when I was growing up. Mom and Dad didn't spend a ton of money on our birthdays but they most certainly marked the occasion with a family party and then a friend party. Mom is a great baker, and she would make really cute theme cakes for the friend party, and my grandma would make her famous devil's food cake for my birthday and angel food cakes for my brother's and sister's birthdays. The aunts, uncles, and cousins all came - they didn't give us birthday gifts but we got cards from everyone and they were there to celebrate with us.

I just have really wonderful memories of childhood birthdays as you can tell. And because of that I still love my birthday.

I tread carefully where others are concerned - I know some people don't really like celebrating their birthdays so I don't go crazy for them. To each their own (as with so many things in life...).

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It depends on the birthday Some years I want to crawl in a hole. Lol

I've always (kind of) made a big deal about my birthday, but not to the masses. Just to myself. I'll consider it my birthday week (yes, week) but won't really do anything special. I'll pamper myself a bit, relax, and spend time with my Bestie.

I do love celebrating other peoples birthdays. I like to do something special for them. Plan a party, send flowers, etc...

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since my sister`s birthday is only 6 days after mine, i grew up *sharing* every birthday.

i stopped celebrating a long time ago when i turned 40, because that`s the day i learned my father had terminal cancer. it also ticked my mother off so much that my sister and i went to Montreal on the long weekend in between our birthdays to be with him instead of going to Toronto to be with her (her birthday is 9 days before mine), that we both just said forget it. she wouldn`t send us cards, call, or acknowledge the days.

when i was turning 50 2 years ago, my youngest aunt was coming to visit from Calgary and she *insisted* on a party for me and my youngest uncle - his birthday is 2 weeks after mine and we are the same age. we had a family blow-out at Nana`s cottage.

and when i was at my mom`s on the day of my 50th and she said we`d celebrate my sister`s birthday that day too, i said *no way* - i`m 50 and i`m not sharing that with anyone else!
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I think every single person should celebrate the day they were born, every year. It is their day. They should celebrate as they choose - big party, family, friends, dinner, movie, alone, walk in the woods, sittin on the porch, reading, napping, whatever they want to do or not do. But everyone should stop for a minute and say "happy birthday to me!".
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I worked this year (a 11.5 hour day) and that kinda sucked. But I tend to at least go out with my hubby - unfortunately I have to choose the place, but that's the problem with being the birthday person.

Also, this year was the first time in the last 6 years that it didn't rain. Boo.

I'm not into big parties. They've always made me uncomfortable, even more so now that I'm older.
Yep I'm a Birthday person. I mean, I don't need to make a huge deal of them or take the day off work or anything, but it's always a good excuse to get together with a few friends for dinner/drinks.

I have come to dread my birthday for the past few years, though. There is a bizarre and awkward ritual that takes place at my job for people's birthdays that I hate but cannot change
Come on now-- you can't leave us hanging!

I hate celebrating at work too. But I hate any sort of "forced fun" at the office.

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