Another ape attack

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You know, I feel like humans tend to feel or think that other animals do not kill for sport. That we're the only animals that kill our own kind... NOT. Chimps do kill other chimps and sometimes for no reason but to dominate. When chimps are in groupings, they tend to attack the the lone wolf. It's what they do and they have always done it.

This is why I am so AGAINST people have primates as pets (I know this isn't the case). They can be so unpredictable at times and at the end of the day, it's an animal. The man should have been behind some glass or something.

Maybe the chimps felt like their territory was being invaded? They tend to attack and kill under those circumstances. Who knows, it's not like we can sit down and have some tea with the chimps that attacked him.

[edit] Ahhh, I read the article. He DID invade their territory. That is a big no-no. Chimps kill for territorial purposes. They probably felt threatened that he was invading their "kingdom".
Originally Posted by sleepymeko
Did he really invade their territory? I mean, he was still away from them and behind a fence. It wasn't like he got up in the chimp's face and was trying to fight him.

What was the purpose of keeping these chimps? Why take on the responsibility of caring for vicious, unpredictable animals? Why do some people have this facination??

Ugh! That's awful, and I feel bad for him. He's a cute young man but this field does come with a great risk.

Who knows why they attacked. They are too unpredictable to tell.

On a dangerous side note: there is an ape loose in my county. I am 300% serious. We took a 911 on it one day and thought the person misunderstood what they saw, or smoked something good Then we received more calls on it. No one knows where it came from. It is in a community closer to some smaller zoo's, if you can call them that. The most dangerous animals they typically have are bears and snakes. It's mind boggling. I am in a heavily wooded area, in NC, so it should have no problem hiding and fending for itself. Scary!!

Worn out iPhone. Need I say more?
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