Do you know how to cook?

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I like cooking and I enjoying reading about and researching food and recipes. I like trying new things, like attempting to find recipes I like for veggies I don't normally care for, for example. I can cook and bake at a basic family-pleasing level but am definitely not gourmet. I am just happy I can feed my family without relying on processed food for the most part and we rarely go out to eat.

That said, mealtime can be stressful. I have a meat loving husband and four little boys who all like different things. I have severe gastro issues and sometimes live on cereal and fruit for weeks at a time. I am a wanna be foodie but my gut can only handle certain things.

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I've been cooking since I was 9 years old. At 9 I made more of a mess than actually cooked. Once I was gonna bake my mom a cake. I brought my flour, bowl, eggs and sugar in the living room and watched Julia Childs combine all the stuff and was gonna make what she made! I made a damn MESS in there!!! Mom, though mad, still remembers that fondly.

First SUCCESSFUL cooking started at 10 with little stuff- soup (canned or that soup starter crap in the box), Ramen noodles, eggs..

And I've been progressing ever since!

Do I like cooking? Yes & no. I don't MIND cooking, but I hate the clean up! LoL! I wish DH (also a great cook!) thought I couldn't cook so he'd just cook every day.

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After thinking about it some more I've decided that I do know how to cook. I have all of the basic cooking techniques down: roasting, grilling, sauteing, and etc.
I just don't know a lot of recipes and I usually stick to the same flavor profiles. I need more recipes in my arsenal!

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