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Thinking of getting my own Kindle instead of just borrowing my mums all the time. I've ended up with a lot more books that I expected to and while its annoying I won't be able to transfer those ones over, I'd like to get my own Kindle before I end up with way too many books on her account.

So - which one do you guys recommend? The new lighter 5-way one or the Kindle Touch?
I've got the Kindle 3 also known as the Kindle Keyboard and I LOVE it. I added a case with a light and I'm in heaven. I've downloaded so many books and can read whatever, whenever without much clutter. Oh and I charge it every 2 weeks.
I bought my 15 yr old nephew the Kindle Fire and he loves it as well, the Fire is heavier sturdy feeling. It is great for web browsing and reading but you are limited to Wi-Fi for downloading which is ok for some.

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I love my Fire but don't use it much for books- no time to read!! I use it more for web browsing or watching HBO especially at night when my baby is sleeping nearby and my eyes can't see iPhone as well.
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I have the Kindle Fire. I love it. Its pretty sturdy feeling. Downloads videos very fast. I've read a ton on it. Lots of game apps too.

The only problem is that it needs a wifi connection. Usually not a problem, but my kids can't use it to watch movies while we're in the car. I think that part is stupid.

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Do you want a tablet or just an e-reader? I have the Kindle Fire. If you want it for reading, take this into consideration. I like the Fire, but it isn't good for the one thing I wanted it for. . . to read outside. You cannot read it in the sunlight. Now kind of wish I just had an e-reader. At least that you could add a light to for reading inside and, therefore, it would be good both places.
Just for reading - I have an ipad, I want one with the E ink display for ease of reading. Actually, now I think about it, I don't think the Fire is even available here anyway.

I've been borrowing the older one with the keyboard of my mum. For some reason, its more expensive than the newer, updating versions so I won't be going for that.

Basically my choices are between this one: Kindle, Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display: Amazon.co.uk: Kindle Store

and the new touch screen one: Kindle Touch: Touchscreen e-Reader with Wi-Fi, 6" E Ink Display
We just bought my mom the touchscreen one for Mother's Day, and she loves it! I have the Kindle Keyboard, and it's nice enough, but I think I would like the touchscreen just as much.

She seems to like the touchscreen one because it's easier to type on than the one with just the four-way controller. But personally, I don't do any of my book browsing, and therefore typing, on my Kindle. I browse through books on my computer, and then let them auto-deliver to the Kindle. So, I really think just the basic Kindle would be fine for me, too!

ETA: I can't believe you have to purchase the UK power adapter yourself. So ridiculous.

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I have used both of the Kindles. The first one I bought I think was a Kindle 2 with the keyboard down on the bottom. I loved that thing even if it was a little heavy.

I then purchased the Kindle Touch and while I like it okay, it loses battery power like nobody's business. I charge it probably every 5-ish days and maybe read on average 1-2 hours per night (maybe) for that recharge average. And that's with the wireless off. I'm really hoping it's just mine. It's a nice Kindle and very user friendly, I just personally don't like it after being used to the one with the keyboard on the front. And not having as long of a battery life as I was used to with my first Kindle. With my first Kindle, I could read for the same amount of time or full days and usually had to recharge maybe every 3 weeks?

Oh, for both of my Kindles, I purchased cases and lights because I mostly read in bead before I go to sleep. LOVE that they have those accessories!

I really wish that I had purchased another Kindle with the keyboard on the bottom. The way I read, like i said, is mostly at night before I go to bed. The Kindle is usually resting on my chest or held in my hands. If it's resting on my chest, there's not as much clearance to read the bottom of the screen like there was with the keyboard at the bottom.

What can I say? The boobs are jealous of the attention the book is getting? And I'm a fat girl, so everything just kind of...slides upwards slightly toward my chest when I lay down, which makes the clearance a little more of a problem.

But these are just my minor pet peeve.

Also...with my Kindle Touch, it seems like it accumulates a lot more lint on the screen than my old Kindle. It bugs me, so I'm forever cleaning it, but if it wouldn't but you, then you should be fine.

Either way, I love Kindles and I think you'd be happy either way. They're great! And a super-awesome thing you may not have known is that they now allow for checking e-books out from the library. And you can download a lot of different format books onto the Kindle via the USB port, so you MIGHT be able to take the books you purchased from your mom's Kindle and move it to yours. I haven't ever tried that, but I have backed up all my books from my Kindle Touch to my computer so when I had to do a hard reset, I didn't have to re-download all my books, I just hooked it up to my computer and reinstalled them on the Kindle Touch.

If you purchased the movies on your fire you can watch them without Internet you just have to download them onto the kindle not leave them on the cloud.
I recently got a Kindle Touch and I love it! I can read it at the beach! I also got a cover for it that has a light, so that I can read it on planes and other low-light places. It uses wifi (not 3G), which is fine for me. I just download my books when I'm at home (or at Panera, or wherever). I got the one with the ads (you can pay extra for no ads) but the ads are only on the screen when the Kindle is asleep or idle, so you don't even see them when you're actively using it.
Thanks for the insights! How heavy is the Kindle touch compared to the one with the keyboard?

The wireless on my mums has stopped working for some reason so I transfer everything via USB anyway. Ive read up and you cannot even transfer the files via USB onto a different kindle - well you can, but because those files are registered to 'her' kindle they won't show up on another one. If I registered my kindle at her account I think I would be able to, put the point is that I want to use my own Amazon account.

I wish our libraries did e-book lending!!! As far as I'm aware - they don't. Which sucks.

I was leaning towards the touch, but what you've said about the battery life does give me pause.
I tell a lie they do - but they don't have a lot.
If you purchased the movies on your fire you can watch them without Internet you just have to download them onto the kindle not leave them on the cloud.
Originally Posted by murrrcat
Hmm, mine were rentals. Good to know if I purchased them I could watch them. But that makes sense. Like buying a book.


I too don't like that I can't read it outside. But I believe there are screen protecters you can get to help w that. I need a screen protecter and a case. Mine is pretty vulnerable, but its held up since Christmas.

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We have the original 3G and the WiFi one with ads. If you are only reading books on it then these are great. Actually get the cheaper one and spend the money you save on the cover with the booklight which I think is essential.

The kindle fire is a great device for browsing but personally I prefer e-ink to the backlit screen.

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I thought you had an iPad kat? Why not use the kindle app on that?

Although saying that I want a kindle for my birthday.

Edit: just reread. Now I get why you want a kindle.
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I have a Kindle touch and I love it. I use it to read every night, but I don't have the charging issues that were mentioned by Sunshine. I charge mine once every couple three weeks. I turn it all the way off when I am not reading it, as opposed to letting it "go to sleep", so maybe that's why my charge lasts so long. Anyway, couldn't be happier!!
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I have a Kindle touch and I love it. I use it to read every night, but I don't have the charging issues that were mentioned by Sunshine. I charge mine once every couple three weeks. I turn it all the way off when I am not reading it, as opposed to letting it "go to sleep", so maybe that's why my charge lasts so long. Anyway, couldn't be happier!!
Originally Posted by gekko422
I tend to think the battery issues are strictly a problem with my kindle only and will be contacting the manufacturer. I've talked to a few people who have the same kindle touch as mine and they say they don't have the battery drain issues I have.

That being said, I still think I'd rather have the kindle with the keyboard and might just go buy one and give my touch to my sister or something.

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I love my Kindle Fire. I never, ever, ever, EVER (and I mean NEVER), sit in the direct sun, so I have no problems reading outdoors.
As far as the weight goes...the kindle touch is something like 7.8 oz. And the kindle with the keyboard is something like 8.6 oz. Those are rough approximations from the website, but they're close. I know they were only about 1 oz. Difference apart from each other.

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Thanks everyone. I've gone for a Kindle Touch. I wouldn't want to read books on my iPad because of the backlit screen. It's ok for an hour or so, but I will sit and read a long time and I think e ink is better for your eyes

I was going to go for the cheaper small kindle but reading reviews put me off.
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