do you buy something everyday?

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i've been thinking about this a lot lately. i buy something almost everyday and i'm not just talking about food which technically doesn't have to be bought daily since i do grocery shop frequently.

someone posted about a book on a blog that says that cheap clothing is bad for the environment. i haven't read the book but it's based on the amount of cheapie items floating around that people wear almost like disposable clothing. interesting...

i was thinking of all the promos and coupon codes i get in my email daily. it makes "shopping" so easy. i'm sure i buy stuff i don't need and if i don't buy another shampoo, lotion or body wash for a year i probably wouldn't run out.

i'm just thinking...i need to curtail my spending even on little things that don't make a big dent in my wallet.

so, do you buy something every day? what are your thoughts about this? what's the longest you could go not buying something (not including food)?
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I do shop alot and enjoy it (as long as it's online or places like Big Lots and dollar stores, not at malls). I don't buy something every day and could go a long time without buying anything.
One of my sisters and an ex-brother in law are both true shopaholics so I do notice when people shop 'too much'. It can be a detriment to one's mental health in addition to one's bank account.
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I don't. I can go days without buying anything and when I do it's a book or music. Or Starbucks. I buy clothes maybe once every three months or so, and nothing excessive - just new pieces to freshen up my wardrobe basics.

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I do and it's an issue im currently working on in therapy. I need a new clothing item almost every week.

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I don't. I have too much stuff as it is.

I'm trying to declutter so I don't want to bring stuff into my condo that I don't need (darn Reitman's and their clearance sale!).
If you take food and coffee out of the equation, I don't think I buy myself something even every week. I stopped buying trinkets and cheap clothes years ago--probably one of the times I was unemployed. if anything, I need to spend more on myself because I tend to think I'm not worth it or don't deserve it.
^Yeah, this. I can go a long time without buying something because I don't have much money to spend in the first place. I plan on buying things.
I do buy something everyday and it is almost always food related. I could grocery shop for the week and not buy anything for the next few days but I don't.
Even though I mostly just shop for food I have a real problem sticking to my budget.
Nah, I don't buy myself anything but maybe once a month, if that.
I'm in the process of completely rebuilding my wardrobe - I got rid of most of it when moving so I would have to. I still only buy related items every few weeks if that.

Other than horse feed, food items, toothpaste and other consumable items, music and concert tickets - I would typically go months at a time without purchases.
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I'm with mrs. poppers--other than food/coffee, I don't shop for myself all that often. I'm pretty much set with my skin and hair products so I don't experiment much there--I buy what I need, use it up, and then buy some more plus occasionally a new product that catches me eye. I used to shop for clothes at least once a week, but I stopped about 2 years ago for no real reason, and since then I'll occasionally buy a couple of things, but that's about it. It's actually been so long that I need to get rid of a bunch of stuff and do some serious shopping in the near future.
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I would say I buy something new once every few days (talking non-necessity items). I can definitely go a few days to a few weeks without buying something new (especially when I'm busy in school and with work), but I prefer to buy new stuff more often. That being said, I've actually do a lot of bargain hunting and definitely don't spend a whole lot (I don't have a lot of extra money to be spending).
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I definitely don't buy something every day.

I bought deodorant a week or so ago and yesterday, I bought an ipod to replace my lost one.

I think that's it in the last 2 weeks.
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thanks for all the feedback.

it's interesting and just something i've been thinking about. most of my "buys" are a song here or there, a beauty product, nail polish, a candle, little things but again, they can add up. i also save a lot and i work my part-time job, partly so i can have extra money for little things. still, i could be even more disciplined if i just say no to coupons that come in the mail or my email. i'm going to make a conscious effort to not but anything over the next couple of weeks and see how i feel. like someone earlier said i have more than enough stuff and would like to declutter. i could not buy another book for a year and still be okay reading things i've already bought but haven't read. i have good intentions with my purchases but i have enough for awhile
a dreamy pisces
please recycle, it matters...
i change lives...through fitness
i'm more relaxed being natural
I cant afford to buy something everyday. I dont buy food or coffee everyday.

I buy cheap clothes but I make sur they last for ever. I wear older clothes to work. Sometimes I'm lucking and I get soem nice stuff from goodwill. I cant afford Ann taylor of NY &co, but people think I do.

i do think this society is wastful. People do seem to buy stuff just to buy stuff. I bring my own coffee to work and make it there. It really good coffee, I ground it myself! I offer a co-worker some but nope, they rather spend $3 on whole foods. I do like whole foods coffee, its kinda gross. they even admit its not that good and mine taste better, they have tasted it. but they still rather buy. i dont get it.
I guess I am big consumer. I don't shop everyday bc I work and have little kids, and there isn't time enough in my schedule for frequent trips to the mall, etc.

But on the wknds when the kids are w/ their father, I make up for it!

I genuinely enjoy clothing (looking at it, buying it, wearing it, making it) and I cut back in other areas, so I don't see it as a major vice.

But I have noticed myself buying more cheap crap that I don't get much wear out of lately than I did at one time. And that is frustrating.

And I waste a lot of time buying things I'm iffy on and then returning them. And that is also frustrating.

No, and I can go a long time without buying anything. For food and drinks, I can't go too long since I don't cook real meals. I can go maybe a couple days at most (eating at home..veggies, eggs, simple pasta) but after a while I have cravings for other foods and I need to buy it.

Once I get started on shopping though, it can be hard to stop. It depends..i can go months w/out stepping into a store(I hardly online shop) and sometimes Ill go through phases where I go a few times a week. It's best to stay away since I tend to spend a lot lol.
I did have a very tight budget early on in my career, and about $40 "free" money each month to play with. And a much larger book budget than that because it's where my priorities are....
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
I was a big-time consumer before my layoff. Now, i rarely buy stuff. The last clothing item I bought was a skirt on Memorial Day. I bought a hair care item last month. I have so much in my stash, I could for another 6 months without buying anything for my hair.

I didn't feel good shopping all the time. I did it mostly out of boredom. I never had a savings or really much to show for my money. If start gianful employment agian, I definitely won't spend so recklessly.
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