Degenerative joint disease/osteoarthritis - experiences?

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I had X-rays because of back pain and they've confirmed moderate DJD in upper and severe in lower back. The nurse that called just said to call if pain got worse and to keep taking naproxen for pain & inflammation. I've requested Dr to go over more info than that .

So I've had a massage , have been doing the back & core strengthening exercises and bought glucosamine/ chondroitin to help rebuild cartilage.

But I don't know what types of exercise ( I try walking running & yoga) are safe or if other supplements would help ?
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My mother had both hips replaced (twice) due to osteoarthritis...and I can feel some wear in my knees so I started taking chrondroitin and glucosamine again.

Low-impact weight-bearing exercise and swimming are good good.

Have you looked into acupuncture? And taking fish oil supplements might also be helpful. And I also suggest you look into a book called Foundation. Great book that tweaks some common yoga poses and helps build strength through the entire posterior muscle chain in the body. Great for helping with back pain. There's also a DVD available and a website here: Foundation Training : Home Good luck!
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My rhuematologist diagnoised me with osteoarthritis in my lower back (I have it everywhere else why not there as well). He has sent me to a physical therapist to work with me on an exercise program to strengthen my back and abdomen. I'm starting week 3 of 6 tomorrow. It has helped with the pain. Some of the exercises strengthen your leg muscles to lessen the load on the back. You have homework exercises and I've tried to be diligent and do them consistenetly. The biggest thing for me is no bending over. I need to squat or sit on the floor. I'm trying to avoid taking naproxen everyday. I do take glucosamine/ chondroitin with ASU. I added the MSM a couple of months ago and I haven't found it really helped, so I will probably drop that. And I take krill oil, I can't tolerate fish oil capsules even the burpless.
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I have systemic lupus, fibromyaglia, cervical stenosis, etc, etc. Some great info in these 2 articles.
Pain Remedies: 11 Natural Cures for Pain -

Pain Remedies: Natural Cures for Aches and Pains -

Fish oil- a high quality product is needed otherwise you can get fishy burps. If you use a pure product, it doesn't smell like fish. A lot of studies are showing krill oil isn't as beneficial as fish oil, flaxseed is ALA and the body doesn't convert it efficiently.

Add chia seeds to your food for ALA and a bunch of other nutrients.

You want to be careful using nsaids. They really deplete your body off a lot of nutrients. Suzy Cohen's book Drug Muggers explains it in detail but some of the vitamins/minerals depleted are iron, B12, folic acid, vitamin C, zinc, niacin,
Here are some articles
DearPharmacist What To Do When It Hurts All Over

DearPharmacist Glucosamine Sulfate Is Worth It

DearPharmacist Many People in Pain Share One Common Inflammatory Chemical
Be sure you're getting enough magnesium. Magnesium is needed for your body to absorb calcium. The american diet is overly high in calcium and too low in magnesium. If you're low in vit D, you're low in magnesium . Magnesium affects the way vit d is absorbed.
Magnesium is critical for over 300 processes in the body and something like 90% of the population is deficient. Blood tests don't show accurately because magnesium is stored in the cells and the body will leach it from the cells into the blood to keep a steady supply so the blood tests show everything is normal.
Magnesium is also an amazing muscle relaxer. You want to use a chelated form not the cheap citrate or oxide. I use magnesium glycinate and have quit all muscle relaxers because it works so well at the right dose. I take 800mg a day in 200mg doses.

A great book is Pain Free 123 by Dr Jacob Teitelbaum. I've been following his protocol and it's made a huge difference in my life. I've actually been able to quit 2-3 rx'd meds. It's all about finding that balance where you're not doing more harm to the body with the meds and actually helping the body fight.

MSM is Effective in the Treatment of Osteoarthritis

With supplements, it can take up to 3 months to notice any significant change so you have to be patient (which is difficult). For me, I used the nsaids while waiting for the fish oil, etc to start working then was able to quit the nsaids.

I've read a lot of great things about Curamin and the End Pain Formula
Got Pain? :: Get Curamin, a BCM-95 curcumin pain relief supplement*†
Enzymatic Therapy, Inc. - Pain and Inflammation due to Exercise and Overuse

Tho those prices are high... better prices can be found elsewhere.
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Thank you for the great tips and resources !
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