Um, did the site change its look again, today?

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This is awful.

I was born to be a pessimist. My blood type is B Negative.
It would be nice if the site owners would let us know what's up.
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I hope what I'm seeing isn't permanent.
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The old format is back!!! Yay!! What a relief...

I am the new Black.

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Not only is the old format back--but you can now see what posts are "liked!" I guess the issues were due to the improvements that were being made.

Thank you Gretchen and Michelle.
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That actually happened before this mess with the format.
They are no doubt making other changes that contributed to the layout getting wonky, though.
The company is very sorry about the troubles with the site this weekend.

A file was pushed into production before it was ready to be, and it affected the styles of the site. Unfortunately, this occurred during non-standard business hours and because of this, took more time to troubleshoot and fix than normal. This was a mistake and the company has learned from it.

The company has made changes to ensure this same issue will not happen again.

So sorry, all. Thanks for reporting it to us so well.
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Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

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