Anyone have their cat groomed?

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How timely. Buddy had burrs and ticks when I took him in. I cut out the burrs and took out the ticks. Now his coat looks pretty good. Vet thinks he part Maine Coon. He's 16 pounds, not fat, not really skinny, but big and long. He had a belly flap that flaps.

But, he did hack up a giant hair ball, so perhaps some help is in order. I just tried a furminator. He tolerated about 10 seconds. I don't think he's had early grooming, and he's an adult, so it'll take some time to get him used to it. I can't touch his claws at all for trimming.

A local groomer here does cats only. The pics are pretty cool, and they do a ton of lion cuts for the long hairs in the summer.

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I give my cats flea baths once a month and they have no real issue with it. I've done it since they were kittens and they occasionally will let out a distressed meow but that's about it.

Most of them keep clean on their own all except my Shadow. He is a black longhaired Maine Coon and he is terrible about grooming himself. He isn't fat, infact he's rather thin right now, and he does a terrible job of cleaning his hind quarters. I trim the fur occasionally, cut out mats, and will 'wash' him if he stinks..aka, into the tub you go or a wipe with a wet washcloth. Ah yes, I've wiped more kitty butts than human babies.

He was found as a newborn, eyes still closed, and cord still attached. I bottlefed him, had to bathe him (no other cats at the time) and rubbed his belly to help him 'go'. Lol. My baby. I even had to burp him after bottle feedings. I still put him upto my shoulder and pat him sometimes...just habit. And he usually purrs and likes that position...

Oh yeah, some cats just don't do a good job whether they're too fat or never learned. A good groomer can make a world of difference.
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I should start feeding them one a day. I'm going to have to do something. I know if I took her to the vet they'd tell me she needs to go on a diet.

I've never had a cat that didn't regulate his/her own food intake.

I do brush them, but I don't have a furminator, and they wouldn't let me brush near their backside.

I've given them infrequent baths before, but I think she should be clipped. Maybe even shaved, as ridiculous as it looks, to keep the shedding down.

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