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Oh, some doctors are egomaniacal fiends. Heaven forbid anyone challenge their authority. A friend of mine used to work in a med school library, and the patrons (docs all) would literally throw tantrums if they couldn't get what they wanted. He once found one literally banging his head against a wall.

Anyway, hope all proceeds well with Mr. B. and other physicians. Best wishes!
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Sorry about the annoying doctor. That is so annoying. We had an issue very similar with a doctor about a week or so before my mom.passed. just makes a stressful situation worse. I hope you have better luck with your other doctor and mr b-wavy feels better soon

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Glad hubby is hope. Good luck!!
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Dismissive doctors who don't want to listen annoy me no end. Hope you have better luck with your regular doc and that Mr B-wavy is feeling better now he's home.
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He's feeling MUCH better today - thanks all!!
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Maybe your regular physician can write you a referral for PT, even if it's just for 2 or 3 visits. If it is the hip flexors that are getting out of whack they can show him the exercises and monitor him for a little while to make sure it's going well, and he can continue at home.
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SaraNoH, that's what I'm hoping too. His regular doc did offer to refer him to someone about 2 years ago when he had a similar episode, but Mr Stubbornpants didn't take him up on it. I'm kinda thinking he will this time.

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