Hope Solo and drug testing

Hope Solo gets warning from USADA after drug test | Comcast

I don't believe her, doesn't her Dr. know that she is on the Olympic team !
I believe her. The drug she had in her system was an ANTI-androgen, meaning it's an anti-male-hormone drug...probably from taking spiranolactone, which is basically the only treatment for polycystic ovarian syndrome. I really doubt an anti-male-hormone would enhance her performance (since males are usually the better athletes), so there would be no reason to take it for performance.
the doctor might not have known all of the drug properties, i've had meds prescribed for me that contained something i'm allergic to and had an alert pharmacist catch it and not fill the 'scrip.

also, my aunt is a former Olympian who had a PanAm games gold taken away after testing positive for a banned cold medicine. her (now ex) husband had bought the wrong colour box.

it CAN happen...
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My horse is subject to random drug tests, and attempting to go through ingredients and determine if something is legal or not is a total pain in the rear.

I totally believe her, and while she may have been dumb and not thoroughly researched... she may have tried to be diligent and just missed it.

ETA: Asking "the powers that be" usually gets you someone in a lower level administrative desk who has no real training on all the details of what's involved. You pretty much need a pharmacological expert who knows not only ingredients but how your body processes those to be 100% sure of everything being legal.
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