Respect people and their beliefs and everyone will be happy.

It was rude of him to tear up something that was given to him out of the kindness of their heart. The missionary did nothing wrong because that is her job.
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The intention of why that missionary sent that NT is unknown to the public. Furthermore, just because someone thinks it's "kind" to do something for another person doesn't make it acceptable or right. And this is one of the MAIN reasons why non-Christians often have a major problem with others when they try to INSIST they are doing these sorts of things for someone's own good out of kindness. Well guess what.. not everyone takes shoving a religion that has a history of painting them as bound for eternal damnation if they don't accept it as "kind". So yeah.. if the Christian missionary would have respected this Orthodox Jewish man's beliefs IN THE FIRST PLACE maybe everyone would have been happier.
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I can agree with that...but as human beings we have to realize that not everyone is going to be respectful and when they aren't, it's not always best to handle the situation the way he did. Even when people may not have the best motives, what are you gonna do about it? Because he tore up the NT as opposed to ignoring it/putting it on a shelf to collect dust somewhere, this entire thing played out in a negative way that didn't even have to happen. Obviously the giver of the bible was in the wrong since he knew the man's stance, but since when have two wrongs ever made a right?

Like I said, I'm a black atheist in the south. I've had tables ditch their tab (i'm a server) and leave pocket sized bibles for my "tip". My own family expresses their disgust in my lack of views. I've been threatened, talked down to, treated like crap...but that doesn't make me want to tear up someone else's holy text. For every bigot I've met who uses religion to discrminize/express hatred towards those who believe differently than them, I've met people who go "that's not right. Your beliefs are your beliefs." I've noticed that those who are comfortable in their own faith don't feel the need to force their beliefs on others. There's crazies in every group. If I get a religious "gift" I don't want I give it away, or put it somewhere where I forget about it. Life's too short, and too much bad happens in the world for everyone to be so uptight over what others believe happen to them when they die.

Sorry if this was everywhere, and I hope I'm not coming off negative. I had surgery yesterday and they gave me enough percocet to tranquilize a horse. :P

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