Cooking question: cream

When a recipe calls for cream, what do you use? I usually use evaporated milk. Is this correct, or should I be using light cream, heavy cream, half and half, milk, or something completely different?

Thanks - I've always wanted to know this!
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I use cream. And I always try to plan ahead and get it from a place where it is not all pasteurized/homogenized and any other ized if I know I will be making something that uses cream. But if all else fails I will resort to regular grocery store cream.
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Id use heavy or whipping cream.

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Heavy cream, which I specifically go out of my way to get the stuff that isn't ultra-pasteurized. Because actual heavy cream isn't found easily in supermarkets, when a recipe calls for cream it means whipping cream.
It really depends on what you're making, though. Some replacements aren't suitable for certain applications.
Evaporated milk can be used if you're looking to cut calories or lighten a dish up.
But you obviously can't whip it and it really won't taste as nice as cream if you're adding cream as a final liaison in a soup, for example.
Fresh milk and light cream will curdle/separate where heavy cream would not in certain applications.

I often have creme fraiche handy and that will often end up in something that calls for cream. It whips and most of the time the tang is a good addition. Plus it takes the place of sour cream as well, just richer.

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I use evaporated skimmed milk, but most of the dishes I cook that call for cream are a just touch at the end of a soup, so it works well.

I just use half and half because the only things I'm cooking that require cream are things like soup, it's cheaper/easier to get/wont go to waste because we'll actually use it up, and is a little lighter.

As long as you don't boil it, it should be fine. Never had a problem yet.
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