Sending flowers overseas?

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My sister has been living in England (Surrey, to be specific) for the past year. Her birthday is Sept. 22 and I would love to send her something besides just a card.

She and I aren't as close as we could be, which is why I was thinking flowers. Getting flowers is always fun, and I don't have to worry about sending a gift that isn't a good fit. (Plus, she sent flowers to me twice this past year when I was recuperating from surgeries... another reason why I think she'd like getting flowers herself). I'm open to any other ideas, though!

I've used as a florist for years, and was going to just use their international delivery.

But then I started thinking that using a UK based florist would probably be a better option. Can't seem to find any review sites or other ways to help me distinguish between good, bad, and great.

Would love suggestions and/or specific recommendations!!!
Try interflora. It should use the closest florist to her to make the bouquet/arrangement.
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Thanks, curlylaura!! They have beautiful arrangements on the website. I sent an email to their customer service to get things rolling... looks like a winner to me.

Thank you for the recommendation!

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