Does good always prevail over evil? GO!

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Definitely not.

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I don't think the difference between good and evil is that clear cut

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I think you'd have to give very specific definitions of good and evil first, along with giving context.

but no, good does not inherently prevail over evil.
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from my experience no. In fact its hard staying good when you see so much evil or bad things that people do. I know a few folks right now I want to beat to hospitalization. But what good would that do? me in jail and them with sympathy.
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What are your definitions of good and evil?
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Absolutely not. Not always that is, but it does happen.

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We're not talking about the laws of thermodynamics. Good and evil can't possibly "always" anything. And they don't exist as separate entities, but are just ways by which we judge human action - a hurricane can kill thousands, but it is not evil. Unless you believe in some kind of divine justice, which I do not. Life is random. There are too many of us interacting with each other on a daily basis. All kinds of things can (and do) happen.
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i wouldnt consider a hurricane evil, but allowing people to die when one hits, not even attempting to save them, thats evil. risking your life to save others in that hurricane, thats good.
There's no such thing as good or evil. Things just are, it's your choice to decide if you think they're good or bad. Doesn't mean that they are.
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To me, the concepts of good and evil, while not absolute, are somewhat clear cut. It is the concept of "prevail" that I would want the OP to define.

Context? Back story to the question?

Without the above, I feel obligated to say ultimately, yes, Good will prevail over Evil in the larger scheme of things. But in everyday events evil seems to win out. A lot.

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