Look on the bright side!

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This year has dealt me some blows. So I have decided to look on the bright side.

My uncle was diagnosed with melanoma and given a death sentence: I have never seen him smile so much in the pass few months. I swear, he has never been so happy surrounded by family.

My grandma had her leg amputated: I have never been so proud of that little old lady in my life. 88 years old and still hopping around with one leg!

My cat was murdered by a drunk ahole: My sister now has the reputation of being the violent one and not me. She gave a 200 lb man a black eye!

I was moved to a different department at work because of other people's drama and gossip. I had to drop classes, and other things i was doing to get into vet school: I can now quit without feeling like I'm leaving my supervisor with a bunch of un finish work. So peace out!

These are just a few in a long line of unfortunate events just this year. The others i haven't been able to find a bright side yet. but I'm still looking.

So if you are having a a bad day, try to find a bright side. you might just find one.
Oh, Thelio, my heart goes out to you. You are having a very tough time.

You are courageous and due for some good luck!

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2/c Coarse hair med. density.
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Every day is a gift
you're awesome *air hug*

I wish I could look at the bright side more, I usually forget to and just pout instead.
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No murrrcat! no pouted! you can vent, and eat a pint of ice cream. hell even a gallon! But no pouting! When like knocks you down, you get get up and punch it in its eye! Tell life, "You can knock me down. But i'll get right back up and fight even harder!"

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I can't afford to have an apartment in dc proper anymore to due a job not giving us raises like they should. Because of my dad's alcoholic landlord killing our cat he needs a place.: we are moving just outside of dc. Its cheaper and closer to work for me. Therefore I can save for vet school.
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My horse is lame and I'm waiting to hear what's wrong from the vet... but it gives my back more time to continue healing properly.

Half our barn blew down today, but neither of the horses who are currently at our house were so much as scratched and most of it is salvageable. The house was not damaged, all the animals are ok, and I had a great excuse to have that root beer float for dinner.
The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
See! Look for the bright side anf if you cant have an ice cream float!

a friend in california was about to be evicted. through some networking and help from friends she was able to collect the money from various donations. these gave her a brilliant idea. start a community fund!! When folks have a little extra cash they add it to the community fund. If anyone needs cash for food, clothes, bills, they take it out of the community fund. at the end of the month everyone involved gets a statment to know what was taken in and out of the fund. through her almost getting evicted she stasted this program and is still helpig people and it is growing! I so hope she can spread this further than where she lives. its funny how poor people are more willing to help out one another.
Thanks for the new signature! I can quote you if you like... just made some punctuation changes.
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The pews never miss a sermon but that doesn't get them one step closer to Heaven.

But at least the pews never attend yoga!
Thanks for the new signature! I can quote you if you like... just made some punctuation changes.
Originally Posted by NetG
I'm honored!
I was so distraught moving to a different department with a new supervisor, boring brain numbing work, and no one to keep me company. But a brightside- I gets all the dirt! There is some scadelous people working here. smh!!

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