Name the concerts you've been to

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This will be an easy one for me as I haven't been to many concerts.... in chronological order....

1. Silk - @ the Black Family Renunion event in Cincinnati
2. Dwele & Noel Gourdin @ South St Seaport, NYC
3. Christopher Williams & Montel Jordan @ South St Seaport, NYC (my very favorite!!!)

And they were all free!!!!!!!!

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The city I live in offers a lot of free outdoor concerts in the summer, often with well known acts. I go at least a couple of times a year. So a number of the acts I listed before, I saw for free I just saw Gladys Knight last night at one and she looked and sounded fabulous.

Best concert ever, or maybe top few? Best single song experience?
I couldn't pick just one. The Prince one I saw when I was in high school would be among the top few and he was at his peak then. I tried to see him again recently, but I couldn't get it together. Then there was the Anita Baker one I saw at an outdoor concert a few years ago. She totally electrified the place.

Disappointing ones:

Not previously mentioned, but I saw Toni Braxton and LL Cool J at outdoor concerts. Both sounded good, but their sets were entirely too short-lasting less than an hour.
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Good questions NetG. I would have to say my 3 best shows were GC & The P Funk (all stars) the second time around. No special lighting, no seats, and small venue. I was front and center, dancing non stop. *It was really fun and was also an impromptu show, pretty close to my home. I wish I would have stayed at the venue just a little longer because some of my friends actually went out and had a couple drinks with him.

Pearl Jam. The energy in that room was fantastic, and so was the music. I felt the crowd in a way I had never before.

Prince. That was the supreme for many reasons. I've been a fan since I was very little, and I had wanted to see him for so long. I cried when I ordered my tickets. Lol. His music is my happy place, and has made get up and shake off whatever might be worrying or upsetting me for as long as I can remember. His show did not let me down. It wasn't anything extra special, stage wise, though it was a cool set up. I had great seats, I was hovering at least an inch off the ground with anticipation, and it was amazing. You could see and hear the years of experience, and feel nothing but joy in the room. Loved it, and it meant the world to me to see him.

Beastie Boys, Primus, Alice in Chains and Rage Against the Machine were great moments too.

Worst... Smashing Pumpkins blew when I saw them. Awful. I don't know what was wrong with Billy but I was horribly let down.

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In somewhat of an order:

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill (I was 15 and went with my mom...doesn't really count)

Papa Roach (I was 18, and it was something to do)

311 twice, bc I love them

The Album Leaf twice, because I also love them

Tech N9ne twice (met him once <3 )

Journey & Foreigner

NKOTBSB (had to, I WAS a girl from the 80s, it rocked by the way)

EVE6 (met them too)

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Norah Jones

Corrine Bailey Rae

Bloc Party

I'm kind of a baby concert-goer...haven't been to many so far, and most of them have been small/local:

The Land of Talk
MGMT (opening)
The Low Anthem
Shonen Knife

My one exception: Paul McCartney. Boston 2009. hands down one of the most amazing experiences of my life so far. I was screaming like those crazy girls seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show

Bands I'd love to see:

Bat For Lashes
Emily Jane White

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