Dog left on mountain for 8 days rescued!

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Injured Dog Rescued From Mountain; Owner Who Left It There Wants It Back - ABC News

No way should this guy get his dog back! Poor Misty!
A co worker's friend was there during the rescue. He had no clue what was going on until in saw the news later that night.

Im so glad missy is safe. I hope she doesnt go back with that ahole!
Huh, there's a dude in my state that I think needs an azz whippin'.
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This story made me furious!

Total jerk. To-tal jerk.

No way should he get that dog back. No way. Never. Nu-uh. NO.

I truly cannot imagine doing that to one of my dogs, even after she or he ate one of my favorite shoes or worse. Just the thought makes me feel panicky and distraught.
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Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.
The original owner is being charged with animal cruelty.

I would love to meet that dude. I would beat the crap out of him and not mind the silver bracelets. Effing dbag.
Oh HELL no. If he'd left her and tried to get help for her like this couple did I would possibly feel differently. But no way, man. No way.

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That guy needs repeated kicks in the the throat.

So glad the dog is ok.
I'm so glad they managed to get her down safely, that picture of her in the backpack is positively heart-warming.
How on earth could anyone leave their pet like that, it beggars belief.
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