Would you wear these shoes?

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My reaction:

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No. Those are impractical and hideous.
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Wow. They look like they would hurt your shins

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I would...if a gun was held to my head

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I would...if a gun was held to my head

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Originally Posted by Jpop825
lol you probably could do damage to the person holding the gun if you were wearing those shoes lol. They make my feet and legs hurt just looking at them and my face hurt from thinking about the pain from falling in those lol
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Question is, *could* I wear those shoes?


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Da fuq?
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i would buy them for my ex so she can reach the top shelves
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are those even shoes?

I need the receipts of someone utilizing this footwear out and about. Or just even walking a cross a small room.
I doubt they're actually ready to wear :P Neat concept but not something I plan on getting. I need COMF!
how could anyone walk in those? Looks like torture, her knees and ankles are bent in an unnatural way, my back, knees and feet hurt just thinking about it!
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Those cannot be meant for walking! They're fug too.
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Lol. The model can't even stand in those. They look like robot feet.
Da fuq?
Originally Posted by Springcurl
My reaction!!!!

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