Lance Armstrong banned for life, stripped of 7 Tour wins

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Yeah, I doubt Kristen would put up with all the cheating and other crap that went along with being married to Lance Armstrong if she didn't like the lifestyle. I have to think at least some of what Betsy Andreu says about Kristen is true.
Originally Posted by mrspoppers
Oh, I totally believe everything Betsy is saying.
Did he get cancer from abusing steroids??
Originally Posted by mcheryce
I read-up on this, it's very unlikely.

I have a cousin who was extremely healthy and athletic, never smoked or did drugs or drank, and was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer at 30...sometimes it just happens.
I read this earlier:

Lance Armstrong's Livestrong Legacy Stained by Doping-Cancer Link - ABC News

"We can never say definitively, but it's highly unlikely," he said.
Balar stressed that the better-known complications of steroid abuse like bone loss, hormone disruption, hypogonadism, and mood disorders "are far greater concerns than any potential link with early cancer."
Did he get cancer from abusing steroids??
Originally Posted by mcheryce
that's what i'd heard. he said the doctors never told him that.
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Testicular cancer is the #1 cancer for men aged 20-39. I think it would be difficult to link it to his steroid use, especially since he was so young when he was diagnosed. I think blaming Lance Armstrong's testicular cancer on steroid use would only serve to discourage early diagnosis in other men.
When are women going to face the fact that they donít know their own bodies as well as men who have heard things?

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