Doggie pics! (pic heavy)

We've had little Miss Daisy Mae for a week now. Her and Molly are BEST buds and so cute together! She's very well-adjusted and happy and used to our routine now. We're in love :P

I snapped these pictures last weekend and thought I'd share

Hee, this was Molly watching TV. Just after I took this picture, she hopped off the couch and proceeded to very loudly bark at the TV and then jumped into my husband's arms and whimpered. I think she thought they were going to get her.

Daisy being cute!

She made herself at home...

Very at home. . .

Molly being cute as always!

Molly smiling at me.

Why, oh why, do you keep taking my picture, mommy?

Cute! Dogs are great. Daisy looks sort of like a dachshund.
Yep, we think maybe Dachshund mixed with Beagle? Her face is somewhat Beagle, at least to me, but her body is more Dachsie, and definitely markings. We think Molly is Beagle mixed with Jack Russell, but we're not sure. We're not so sure on age either, but we'll find out at the vet I suppose, or at least a (more) educated guess.

Molly is full-grown, about 18 months old, and she only weighs around 15 pounds, and she's a bit fat. Daisy is solid as a rock and weighs 16, so we aren't sure how much bigger she'll get. I hope she's almost full-grown. I don't mind not knowing what they are... from my experience, mutts are good dogs, so I don't mind :P

And thanks!
Oh, both of your dogs are just adorable - I want to hug both of them!
It's good to hear that Daisy is adapting well, and that she and Molly are getting along.


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AWWWWWW! They're both precious, but I just love that dachshund face! I just want to give them lots of huggles!
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Congrats on the new family member! I love those short little dachsie legs!
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How sweet!! They are both so cute! Thanks for sharing.
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I love dog pictures. Thanks for sharing! They are both very cute.
Those eyes are too much!!!!
Originally Posted by FieryCurls
Oh I know!! I love their eyes
Oh, she's adorable! I had a Beagle mix, whom Daisy Mae looks like. I see a lot of Beagle in her face--so cute.
I'm glad it all worked out! You got yourself 2 cuties there!
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What cute dogs! They seem to have such vibrant personalities.
Awwww, I love weiner dogs
I like having something "down below"
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don't click this. seriously.
Awwww! How cute! I wanna hug them!

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