Dear American Friends, why do you elect these people?

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Not bothered either. But i also didnt notice the trend.

Its not that i cant find them, its that Im not looking. There are plenty of things on this sight that ive enjoyed but perhaps would not have looked for on my own. I love that this sight is like "the soup" or " best week ever" where all the top stories are in one place. As for what else i read to keep up, thats on me but i enjoy the updates and info

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Huff Po is left wing????? I don't think so!

eta: I'd say both those sites are liberal / centrist / left of centre, but not truly left-wing.
Originally Posted by Amneris
If it makes you feel better I'll change to left-leaning. It really doesn't matter for my original statement. My point is that the mainstream media (that's supposed to be left wing according to the Republicans) does NOT cover this stuff.
Originally Posted by Springcurl
But the Huff Po story says they got the story from the Arkansas Times (which I don't imagine is left leaning?)and some business site, which I wouldn't think is left leaning either. And a google search of the man's name shows the story is on msn, amongst other blogs and sources. A lot of the other stories rou posts seem to me to be readily available - I mean, if she can find them, so can anyone, right? I'm not saying you can't post a commonly available story for comment, or what would be the point of this site, but I am saying that I would be very surprised if the posts were actually first time news or a surprise to many people here. (I hope I'm not wrong about that!)
Originally Posted by Amneris
I'm not suprised by it at all but I didnt know about it until I read it here. But I don't read the news everyday and if I do it's the main headlines on CNN. I doubt that this is that major of a news story. I'm not offended by rou's post but then again, I don't know the history or what else she has posted in the past about Americans.
I guess there is something slightly accusatory about the title of the thread. Probably never would have thought twice about it but now that it's being brought to my attn, plz let me go on record as saying I had nothing to do w/ that guy being elected! LOL

I do not find Rou's political posts criticizing the USA to be offensive. I think Americans should know how we look to outsiders...which is pretty damn stupid for allowing these radical religious nuts to steal our country. It's embarrassing, for sure, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't face it. Putting our heads in the sand and getting mad at citizens of other countries for holding up a mirror so we can se ourselves won't help us.

Rou, please keep holding the mirror. We obviously need it.
Originally Posted by RedCatWaves
Speak for yourself. I can hold up my own mirror just fine. I don't need the superior Canadians telling me slavery is bad.
Originally Posted by geeky
I was speaking for myself. That's why i used all the "I"s.
Originally Posted by RedCatWaves
Ummm, yeah, 2 "I's" followed by 4 "we's", 2 "our's", and an "ourselves". I can see how you were only speaking for yourself.
Anyone hear about the 'rape easy' guy? I understand what his dad was trying to tell him but why was he so stupid and insensitive to bring it up like he did?

Wisconsin lawmaker explains 'easy rape' comment -

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