Speaking of birth control....(long and random)

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if your body isnot getting enough nutrients, it will go into survival mode. matabolism will slow down, body fat will be stored longer in preparation for possible starvation prevention. if you are not eating enough you wont lose anything.

A friend tried a 1000 calrorie a day diet and lost nothing. I told her why, she didnt believe me. she didnt have energy to excercise so she would just eat her 1000 calories and sit around all day. after a few months her parents made her go she a doctor. the doctor looked at her like a dummy. she begin a much healthier 2000 calorie a day diet and regain her energy and worked out everyday. she shed almost 50 lbs in a better of months. now she eats as ammy calories as she wants, just healthy adn excercise daily. she has been able to keep the weight off.

Good Luck.
I know about the survival mode stuff, I've taken nutrition and health and every other health class at my school pretty much...

I don't know, I just don't know. I can try to increase maybe. Ugh. I don't know.
I'm sorry, that is a lot of weight gain and yes 22 is not that old, or old enough to be seeing such weight fluctuations. I didnt start noticing weight changes until I was 29 or 30. As in I gained weight in different areas(and it's still slight). I'm the same size/weight as when I was younger but I can't eat as much, and this is most likely because I have a desk job and drive everywhere unlike college.

I really don't have any advice to give you about bc pills except that I tried them once and hate them. I will never take hormones again. I was not on them long enough to see if it affected my weight.

About thyroid testing, they might not catch it at first and you have to make sure that you take the full panel test(or whatever it's called). I've heard you may have to take it a few times before anything shows up if you do have an issue.

So do you still have strong thighs? You must have an awesome butt.
Originally Posted by Josephine
duh girrrrl

Yea, my body just naturally is muscular, well I don't know if because I weight lifted so much but now I don't at all and even now my thighs still have muscle lines even with being bigger(someone called them horse legs the other week) and I can still squat for days if I want. Which is why I don't like being big because I still look like an "athlete" except I'm now like literally trunchbull's twin. Or a she hulk except pregnant.

I don't know. although today I did try on my running sports bra that I never use because it doesn't fit, and I actually zipped it up without a problem, I couldn't breathe LOL, but before I couldn't zip it at all so maybe my waist got a tiny bit smaller. or band bra band boobie area, chest fat? rib cage? I don't know what area that's called.
I know to go by size and not scale,
that's the thing, none of my clothes fit anymore LOL. Like I cannot get them up my legs.

My stomach is just so big. And I've never had stomach problems before.

And my face is huge. My arms are flabby, I've never had flabby arms before. MY SLEEVES BE TIGHT, what is this?!?

I don't weigh myself now, only rarely because it depresses me, because I know I probably haven't lost much weight.

And my bmi puts me at overweight now, so...yea, nothing positive over here.

One positive is my boobs got bigger. JK THAT'S THE WORST PART OF IT. Ain't nobody got time for chest problems. All of my bras are too small. And I'm not trying to pay for new ones, cause I don't want to be this size.

I already bought some pants in a size I can barely fit, made me mad, made me want to punch someone cause I should fit in them with ROOM to spare by now.
Originally Posted by murrrcat
As far as the flabby arms go, I was 23 and under weight when that started. Damn the gravity of it all.


^ I just realized it looks like she's not wearing a top. Disclaimer: No one is naked. It's the dressing room scene from The Sweetest Thing.

Don't give up Murrcat. Just play around with your calorie intake, and keep up the exercise. As others said you can absolutely stall yourself by not eating enough. Do what you think is best when it comes to birth control. You can always try going off of it, and go back on if you have to. You'll find something that works.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

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I was on it for 9 years and the only side effect I had coming off it was my skin went a bit crazy at first. Oh, and I got pregnant, but that was on purpose . If you don't want to get pregnant though, obviously be careful. It didn't take long for me to be "normal" (ovulate) again. I didn't have any weight gain issues with the pill though, so I'm not sure what will happen for you in that regard.
If you currently weigh 185, then your daily intake to maintain shoudl be around 2100. If you want to lose, do NOT eat below your BMR (which is roughly your weight X 10).

If you have been eatig 1400/day, it's not enough. You need to be eating more, and more healthier fats (EVOO, avocados, etc).

If you consistently go below BMR, you might see loss at first, but it will mainly be water, and lean msucle. Your body will hang on to the fat.

It's also VERY hard to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. You need to cut the calories back first to lose the fat, then eat more healthy fatsand protein to "bulk up" and gain back muscle. You won't get all ripped and stuff over night and yeah, it can take a year to lose it all in a healthy way.

BCP's screw with your hormones. Hormones control body fat; estrogen, progesterone, thyroid hormones, etc. They all work together. If you have too much body fat, the estrogen will LOVE it, and it's hard to get rid of it. Being female, our bodies are predisposed to having more fat and keeping it, ancestors and starvation words.

Anyways, try bumping your calories up to 1800 and see if that helps, but don't bump it up with junk food. Don't eat rabbit food all the time either, sure you get full, but it's not going to keep you full. Get some good fats and proteins in there.
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so glad you posted because I could not find this thread for the life to post.....

that I should probably up my calories but with healthy food of course. Because I ate breakfast lunch and dinner and a snack and I only got 1210 calories. and I had a donut! wtf.

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