Yet another question about skinny jeans

I have a feeling this has been covered before, but searching for the relevant thread was too difficult, so I thought I'd just start a new one.

I bought a pair of skinny jeans (or jeggings, because I'm still not clear on the difference). I usually see skinny jeans with knee high boots in the winter and flats in the summer. Since it's getting cold, I don't want to wear flats, but I'm also getting tired of the high-boot/skinny-jean combo. Are there other kinds of shoes that would work? Would ankle boots with a heel look weird?
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I wear my skinny jeans with ankle boots and it looks good
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Heck no! Ankle boots look awesome with skinny jeans! Honestly, I can't help but feel super hot when it's my high-heeled booties, too. The other day I wore my new ankle boots with skinny jeans. They have a platform rather than heel. I felt so good and extra stylish that I wanted to take a pic, but the mirrors here aren't low enough.
Ditto what everyone else said! I love the look of ankle boots with skinny jeans, although I've never been able to pull off the look myself!

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i never wear boots with my skinny jeans.
i wear sneakers and casual shoes like these:

(but mine are all black, not with that blue)

kinda like the black girl on the right:

oh wait, you said you didn't want to wear flats.
yes, ankle boots would look good.

i wear my dkny ankle boots with my skinny jeans but they're flats (i'm tall so i don't wear heels a lot)

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Skinny jeans look good with a lot of different shoes. I've worn high and low heeled booties, ballet flats, flatforms, knee length boots, strappy stechers flats (can't think of a better description). I've even worn them with doc martin looking alikes.
Thanks, folks! I'm fashion challenged sometimes!
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Thanks, folks! I'm fashion challenged sometimes!
Originally Posted by ursula

Me too. I need a remedial fashion class!

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