Is this outfit too much for an interview?

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I have an interview in about two weeks from now and I'm looking for a new outfit, because my overall clothes are very outdated.
So, I was wondering around several websites and saw this jumpsuit. I love it but I'm also affraid that this might me a little too much for an interview.

What do you think?

Styling Up - Belted jumpsuit - Jumpsuits - Promod
I wouldn't wear anything sleeveless.
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A jumpsuit? No no no.

What kind of job? If it's a super-creative type of business, you could be more casual and stylish. But I still wouldn't go with a jumpsuit.
I really can't see that being appropriate for any kind of interview, except for maybe a job as a restaurant hostess.
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Under no circumstances except for a job based on your physical appearance (maybe a cocktail waitress or something) would any cleavage or anything sleeveless be appropriate for an interview. I'd put anything "slinky" or drapey as that jumpsuit appears to be into this category as well.

Only if the job is one that is including your style/creativity in your qualifications (i.e. stylist) would I wear anything other than a basic pants/skirt and blouse.

And only if the job is extremely casual (meaning, the interviewer will be wearing jeans and sneakers) would I ever consider wearing anything other than a suit, at least a coordinated blazer, to an interview.

If you're someone who's drawn to that jumpsuit, I would think a pair of well-fitted black straight-leg pants of a high-quality and not-too-stretchy material with a matching blazer, kick-ass heels that are EASY to walk in, and nice tucked-in silk top with no cleavage, and one statement piece of jewelery (a ring, perhaps) would be a good interview outfit.
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yes unless the job is for a shoulder model lol

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Huh? Wha wha? Seriously, hun?

You might be able to pull it off with a different belt, a JACKET and the right shoes/other accessories. But, as is, noooooooooooo....

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Yes, ITA with all the above. I do not think it is appropriate for any kind of interview unless it's for a hostess, entertainment (not news caster), fashion assistant or stylist.

Add a jacket.

No sleeveless at interviews.

It's a cute outfit though
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ok, so I guess this isn't a good choice!! I'll keep looking for another outfit then. Thanks for the replies
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I would NOT wear that to a restaurant interview.

I have always worn a button down shirt, pencil skirt (not too tight, knee length) and modest pumps to interviews for serving or hostessing positions.
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I think this would be OK for an interview for someplace like Forever21 or Charlotte Russe, someplace young and trendy (but still cover your arms).

If its not that kind of place, I would look for something else

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