Guy I used to date is obsessed with trying to bed me?

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Who is Mr. Cans?
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I am the new Black.

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Originally Posted by thelio
Thanks for the link! Hopefully this will give me some peace of mind because he's beginning to cause me some stress. Especially after I've told him to stop numerous times, I basically see this as sexual harassment as of now. Hopefully this is the end of it all and I hope I don't run into him.
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here's my advice:

this may seem extreme and you will come off as a crazy lady, but if you see him in public and he tries to talk to you, as soon as he does, scream out, " NO!! GET AWAY FROM ME YOU PERV!!! I SAID NO! I WONT HAVE SEX WITH YOU!!"
How is he harrassing you? Yes, plz post what he says in his texts...maybe it crosses the line into criminal behavior.

I had a stalker prosecuted while I was in college (and had another stalker that I did not prosecute). I get it but we can't tell if you are overreacting or justified.
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Didn't we tell you this before re: another guy? The answer is the same. Ignore and don't engage with guys you aren't interested in who are contacting you. If they don't give up, block them. The advice is not going to change no matter what other details there are.
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