What would you wear during the zombie apocalypse?

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For you, thelio...they're coming to Richmond this weekend!!
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Oh, throwing stars?

I'm covered.

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For you, thelio...they're coming to Richmond this weekend!!
Originally Posted by B-wavy
ZOMBIES!!!!! I'll kick their zombie butts!!
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Oh, throwing stars?

I'm covered.
Originally Posted by claudine19
all kinds of things can be used as weapons, not just what i mentioned

Next weeks topics shall include:

Who you would need in your group in order to survive


Best places to hind out to increase your chances of survival.
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I guess I'd wear an apple suit. That'd keep me safe. Unless it was a very juicy, fleshy apple.
I'd go pretty simple. Cargo pants, tank top, combat boots, leather jacket. I have everything else (nailgun is a great idea thelio!) except I'd want a crossbow or 3 because the ammo is easiest to replace. Hedwig demands a baby/kitteh carrier though. Sooo not sure how that'd work out.
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For you, thelio...they're coming to Richmond this weekend!!
Originally Posted by B-wavy
A hurricane and zombies approaching in the same weekend? Sounds like fair warning to me.
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Here ya go peeps. Our new abode.
Originally Posted by jeepcurlygurl

Very cool. I like it.

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Here ya go peeps. Our new abode.
Originally Posted by jeepcurlygurl
yep!! that's our new place when Z-day hits!

unless zombies know how to use a can opener...
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So who do you want on your team to increase your chances of survival?

a medical professional- you will need a doctor, a nurse, a paramedic. trust me you will need someone like this on your team

someone who knows how to fire a gun- while you shouldnt be completly dependent on guns, you should have someone who can point and shoot. this person could be a hunter, a cop, a navy seal.

someone with could leadership skills- when you are freaking out about life and death. not knowing what is going to happen, you may not be the one to lead anyone (or maybe you can do), rather its you or a small town sheriff. someone has to do it. if you are working in a group you need someone to help make the big decious.

a hunter- a hunter should also know how to use a gun, but having someone who can hunt can benefit you in more ways then one. first for food. they can help track that deer, so your group wont starve. but you are now being hunted, by zombies, he can help you avoid being taken out like bambi's mom. you are prey, a good hunter can get into the head of their prey, what they do to survive. this is how a hunter catches his prey, by staying two steps a head of it. the hunter can teach us how to stay ahead of wants hunting us. we will be in an advantage, because our predator cant think like us.

someone small and fast- you need someone who can go in and out in order to get supplies. you need someone who is small so they can fit into little places, like maybe a vent. you need them fast. so they can get away.

a cook- lets face it, food makes us happy. good food makes us blissful. after the outbreak, we will not be getting the good eat we have grown accustomed to. no more filet mignon, bye bye, pate! hello what ever the hell we can find. think road kill. so you would really want someone who can maybe make it ateast taste like chicken.

a builder- what does a builder do? rebuild. you are going to have some rebuilding to do. and im not talking about the bueatiful 3 story tudor you had your eye on. I mean you are going to have to build a fortress, a wall, a barracade. if you want to survive, some building is in order.

a weak link: i hate to say this, but everyone wont survive. there will be deaths, lots of them. and it some cases there may be "sacrifices". imagine it, you are running from a team of zombies, who just a few seconds before had no clue you were there. until the weak link made a noise. not the first time they have done so. everyone is running and trying to escape, when you realize there is no hope... unless the zombies get distracted. only way to distract them, is to feed them, with the weakest link. trust me, they wont be missed.

Someone slower then you: your best bet of surviving is being able to outrun someone else.

George Romero- dude invented zombies, who else better then romero himself to have on your team?!?!

Ving Rhames- have you not seen dawn of the dead 2004 version?
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unless zombies know how to use a can opener...
Originally Posted by OBB

just dont fall. you fall you are screwed!
Places to survive

The best places to hide out during Z-day is someplace with strong walls, minimum ammount of windows. strong doors, good instulation, and 3-4 exits. a mall is no good. why? have you noticed how most malls have glass doors and a million exits? Do you really want to be dealing with securing all those doors? a boat would be a good place, but you will either have to have supplies lasting long enough so you wont have to continuously dock and risk attracting zombies. a farm? maybe, if its secluded enough. but once again you have to deal with having more then one way out. a typical farm house may have 2, you want at least 3. If we are dealing with the T-virus you wnat to stay away from zoo's, old mansions, ships, antartica. no matter what type the zombie, you want to stay clear of hospitals and cemetaries. You need meds? go to the pharmacy.

Now remember you have two types of shelter: long term and short term. a highrise apartment such as was occupied in 28 days later, would be a good short term shelter. but unless you have enought supplies to last until all the zombies die out, you cant stay for ever. you remember the end of 28 days later how they survived by living in a very secluded cottage? no trees so they could see around the cottage for miles? think like that.

Depending on the cause of the outbreak, your best bet for long term shelter is most likely an island. the small the better. why? because its secluded, and chance are not people many lived there. so the zombies are either starved to death or can easily be taken cared of or better yet, the zombie outbreak never even reached them. if the cause of ths ZA is an airbourn pathogen, then it would reach them. if its isolated to certain regions of the world, we have a greater chance of survival. but we must be careful who we let in or else it may spread. remember how 28 weeks later ended? yeah, you dont want that do you? leave the kids behind and fly to safety!
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did or did not michonne say lets go to an island.....

and michonne is a zombie boss.

I don't want to say I told you so...so, I will say booya instead.

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