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He's still hanging in there 15 hours later! Such a fighter!!
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Thank you ladies.
My grandad is quickly declining and it came out of NOWHERE. It started with "where is my apartment" and in a matter of 5 weeks has gone to him flooding the bathroom as he can't remember how to turn off the taps, thinking the elevator is the bathroom, shooting shaving cream all over the bedroom, running into the street, forgetting the year and the list goes on and on. My grandmother cannot cope and passed out yesterday while at her haircut appointment because she is sleeping 1 hour a night if that due to him waking her up at all hours and her fear of what he will do next. I just spoke to her and she is exhausted and defeated. She wants to put him in a home but my auntie (who is a daddy's girl) says absolutely not. I see her point but my Nan is the one who has to do this care taking and at 80 (albeit a very spry 80) she cannot keep this up.
I am very close with him and this has been very hard, but I feel so much for my Nan.
At the end of August I decided to spend money that I shouldn't have and went over to the UK to visit them for two weeks. I just had a feeling and literally booked it 6 days before I went. I am very glad that I did.
Originally Posted by Narnia
Im so sorry to hear that, my grandfather has alzheimers and
I know it can cause a lot of stress and strain on everyone in the family especially the caregiver. It is difficult to put someone you love in a home but the caregivers health and life is affected as well and must also be taken into account. My grandmother has a nurse that comes to the house a few days a week to help her out, maybe that could be an option? I send my prayers and wish you all the best.
((hugs)) I'm glad you got to talk to him and see him, even if it was video. That's wonderful that he recognized you too!

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Thanks ladies. Grandad passed peacefully at 4am this morning with his wife and daughter there to hold his hand.
"Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.
Narnia, I'm sorry for your loss. I'm glad that loved ones were with him when he passed. I hope your family finds peace in this.

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So sorry for your loss Narnia. He was lucky to have you all there for him in the end. ((Hugs))
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I am so sorry very sorry for your loss, Narnia.

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I just saw this, I know I am fairly new here, but....I read the thread, and I am so very sorry to hear of the suffering and loss in your family. May your grandfather rest in peace.
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So sorry to hear your sad news, glad you managed that last contact with him.
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I am sorry for your loss Narnia.

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