View Poll Results: Did A Christmas Story traumatize you?
yes! OMG!!! 5 20.83%
no, wtf are you thinkin'? I WAS santa 19 79.17%
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"You'll shoot your eye out!"

This is slightly off topic, but my fiance's grandpa really DID shoot his eye out with a BB Gun when he was kid.

He has a glass eye now. You can barely tell.
Originally Posted by Cortni
3 b/c curls with bangs.
I've never seen this movie all the way through until tonight. I *loved* it. Especially the fudge part, the hillbilly dogs and the part where he takes his gun out and low and behold, shoots himself. I lmao quite a bit. Dunno, maybe I'm just a freak. Oh well. I thought the movie as a whole was incredibly funny and can't see how it could traumatize someone. I can totally see watching this movie year yound, I think I might buy it.
I've never seen this movie all the way through until tonight. I *loved* it.
Originally Posted by Summer91
Didn't you love the part where they had to go eat at the Chinese restaurant? Great movie, funny lines!
Oh yeah.... when they were singing, fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra. I have to admit, I'd be flipping out over the head being attached to the duck (or whatever it was) too.

Just to show how backwards I am, the part with the lamp - The lamp itself wouldn't bother me (except it *was* tacky), but the mess he made with all that packing stuff would have made me mad.
My favorite line in the movie is when the box arrives. It says "Fragile" on it. The father says," Fra-geel-ee. It must be Italian". Cracks me up every time!

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