Hey curlies!

Zafu.com is great! You might also want to check out www.truejeans.com. By the way, zafu.com should come out with the jeans for plus size section of their website pretty soon. They are in the process of testing fits on consumers right now. They are located in the San Francisco Bay Area and I was invited to try out some of the jeans they will be featuring.

I have taken matters in my own hands because I was determined to find the "perfect pair of jeans". Most designers allow about 10" more for the hips than for the waist. I have a 15" ration so it was challenging but I was successful!

My #1 fav. are PZI (http://www.pzijeans.com/), in second place are Christopher Blue Jeans (http://www.christopherblue.com/01.html) and in third position came the Lucky Brand Jeans - Easy Rider. I also really like the DKNY jeans.

In this process I also found another great jeans. I loved it for many reasons but unfortunately there was too much gap in the waist. The beautiful thing about this brand is that they offer very stylish and high end jeans for size 12 to 24! Check them out at http://www.cennev.com/.

It's better to have fewer pairs of jeans that fit and look great than to have a closet full "acceptable" jeans. The "good" jeans will make you feel more beautiful and more confident.