GRAPHIC: Toddler Killed by Wild Dogs At Pittsburgh Zoo

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pyschologically speaking i wonder if just like the dogs were behaving instinctually was the mom behaving based on human nature knowing she might survive the fall or the attack and that's why she didn't jump down too. some would say it would be instinct to jump down and protect your child but here's a case where that didn't happen.

i saw a movie with terrence howard, can't remember the name. anyway the guy on the ledge was going to jump. he eventually shared a story with terrence howard that he was in a car accident with an 18 wheeler. his young daughter was in the back seat opposite him (typical carseat spot). when the truck came he turned the car in a way that protected him and the little girl was hit head on by the truck, she died. he struggled that perhaps his instinct to protect self prevented him from turning towards the truck instead which might have killed him and saved the daughter. also, the wife never got over it and they divorced. he was tormented. it was interesting to hear someone verbalize that in a split second they thought to protect self over anyone else, even their own child.
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A few months ago, I had my daughter (7 mnths then) in my hands and was kneeling in the living room when I knelt on a wood puzzle piece that had a stick on top. The pain on my knee was instead, the first thing I did was drop my little baby. I just let go of her so I could use my hands to support myself on the floor. She landed on her face, this all happened in less then a second. I could NOT believe I did that, I was the mom that thought I would NEVER do such a thing. The thing is that if I would have had more then a second I would have protected my baby, but it was my natural body instinct to protect it self. I still wake up in the middle of the night with extreme guilt. My sweet baby is ok, but my dh is going to make sure she knows when she is older that mommy dropped her on her face.

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I think sometimes people's body reacts to things even when we dont want them to. i'm not a mom but took care of my niece for 4 years as if she was my own. i am extremely tinklish. if anyone goes near by feet it jerks even if i dont see them coming (freaks them and me right the hell out). my niece at 2 grabbed my foot, my body's reaction was to move my foot and in doing so kicked my niece in the face. while this was happening, the whole time my brain was saying, "oh no foot dont kick her!" I think situation like this our bodies take over to save its self. the mom could had been in shock. I dont really know the case, but she could had tried and other stopped her. maybe it happened so fast she didnt have a chance to react. i have been in situation where time seems to stop. then when it starts up again its over and too late for a reaction that some people may have expect. i dont know why she would put her kid at risk, the barracades are there for a reason, but she will have to live with herself.
Another horrific story involving a child....I feel sorry for the mother and don't think she needs further punishment, at the same time I do feel the child's death was caused by her decision. I refuse to judge her though.

I think it is impossible to know for sure whether your instinct is to freeze, or fight, or flee until you are in that situation. The only time I have ever been a position to defend someone/thing else (this in no way compares to the zoo story, obviously) was when my sister and I were walking our small dog, and he was attacked by some kind of retriever-mix. My sister, who is loud and aggressive, froze, while I (usually timid/shy, not very good at defending myself at all) grabbed our dog from the other's mouth and held him above my head, kicked at the big dog, etc. It only lasted a few moments before the owner came out with a broom and started hitting her dog, but both our reactions surprised us.

Anyway, as someone else said I hope the baby went quickly and is at peace now. I read elsewhere that the whole thing went on for 12 minutes....I wonder if the mother must not have blacked out or gone into shock. We also don't know if she was trying to jump down but was being held back...
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