The "I voted" Thread

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If you have voted, you could state it below if you want

Maybe you voted early this year? Maybe you have voted or will vote today? Either way, this thread is not meant as a moral judgement on anyone who has chosen not to vote, or to people who were unable to vote.

I voted this morning. It was cold out. There were just a handful of people ahead of me. I wrote my signature on the wrong line of the sign in form What about you?

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I voted yesterday.
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I voted this AM.

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I voted early on Saturday.
Whoop whoop!
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I voted at 6:17 am today. I was the 5th voter
I voted this morning. Took about 10 minutes.

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I voted just a moment ago. I hit it at exactly the right time, when the 12pm lunch crowds were clearing out. It only took 15 min or so.

Now, I will be keeping everything I can cross... Crossed.
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Reposted from another thread:

I went at 7:00 this morning to vote and waited for 90 minutes. I was a half hour late for work, but it was well worth it. If you encounter long lines, don't get off them. There's no guarantee they'll get any shorter. Just be patient and make your voice heard. Mind you, the city I live in was affected by a hurricane last week and our governor signed an executive order allowing those that were displaced to vote anywhere, as some polling sites are still without power or are badly damaged. So waits at some locations may be longer than usual. Considering what some distant relatives of mine and other ancestors went through just to exercise this right, waiting for 90 minutes is nothing.
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I voted this morning, took a few minutes. There was one person ahead of me.
I just finished voting! Yay!

Still no sticker this year. >_> What's the point if you don't get a sticker?!?!

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I voted last weekend (oct 27)
and I didn't get a sticker, either!!!
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I voted! I count!

I voted yesterday morning. It took an hour but going yesterday and waiting for an hour was better than going today and waiting for who knows how long. Plus, I got to sleep later today because I voted yesterday!!
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I voted this morning a little after 10 AM. There was no line to speak of; there were only two people ahead of me and a couple people already voting. I did the electronic ballot this time and was in and out in less than 10 minutes. It took me longer to walk Davin and the little girl I babysit in and out to the car...LOL The polling ladies were very sweet and gave the kids stickers, too.
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I voted this morning. One of the guys on the ballot actually had "Honey Badger" as part of his name!

The next time I vote in a presidential election, my oldest son will be at my side.
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The next time I vote in a presidential election, my oldest son will be at my side.
Originally Posted by Poodlehead
Mine will a senior in high school. Will yours be in college?
The next time I vote in a presidential election, my oldest son will be at my side.
Originally Posted by Poodlehead
Mine will a senior in high school. Will yours be in college?
Originally Posted by medussa
Nope, he'll be a senior too, but he turned 14 in October.
Minneapolis, MN

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