Worst names

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A character is named Primrose, and is called Prim. That's the only thing I could think of, lol.
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I don't like the name Phyllis for a girl! No, I hate it! Sorry, but I really do! I think that's it cause I like a lot of names.....

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I really, really dislike..


Basically any name that sounds really sharp (if that makes any sense)

I HATE when women named Barbara go by Barb.. Ugggghh.
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Everyone hates Gertrude. :P My grandma's name. Everyone called her Gertie, though. I also like the nickname Trudie/y.

My grandpa's name was Hilding. Gertrude and Hilding, what a pair. My cousin got my grandpa's name, but as it is his middle name it's not a big deal. He's very proud of it though, because we all just loved my grandpa.
Female names I really detest:

1. Helga
2. Olga
3. Gretchen
4. Betty
5 Monique

They just sound so rough. Except for Monique which I just don't like.
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I don't have five names each because a lot of them were already mentioned.

Latrine (yes like a darn toilet-worked with this girl)
Virgin (went to school with this girl)
Letha (family friend)
Ronalyn (Ronald and Lyn together)

Pino (went to school with this guy)
Ja'Mari (family member)
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--Jane (I like "Janey", though)




I also dislike "Jaime", just htf is it pronounced anyway?? Plucks my nerves, just like "Antoine". No matter how I pronounce "Antoine", it's deemed that I'm wrong. Every single.time.

Yes, I also dislike "Roberta"; doesn't sound feminine at all.

I've never cared for "Lillian"....every one I've known has been a b*tch. Same for "Shanice".

I knew someone who wanted to name her son "Kingfurious".....why? Just WHY???

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