Worst names

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Plz don't anyone take offense. All in good fun.

What are the five worst female names? And the five worst male names?

Let's try not to dupicate...even if a particular names really bears repeating.

If you disgree that a previously listed name should be mentioned, expain why. But not bc it's your mama's name, etc. LOL

1. Mercedes
2. Princess
3. Champagne
4. Precious
5. Katrina
I can't think of five per gender.

Hortence and its variants.
Willard. Well, this one isn't terrible but it's pretty bad.
Bronx Mowgli...
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DUH!! I forgot male names

1. Tom
2. Paul
3. John
4. George
5. Frank
DUH!! I forgot male names

1. Tom
2. Paul
3. John
4. George
5. Frank
Originally Posted by thelio
You think these are the worst male names in the world!? LOL
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DUH!! I forgot male names

1. Tom
2. Paul
3. John
4. George
5. Frank
Originally Posted by thelio
You think these are the worst male names in the world!? LOL
Originally Posted by spiderlashes5000
YES!!! AHHHHH!! I think they are horrible. lol

1- Murgatroyd (I'm not making that up!)
2- Ethel
3- Winnifred
4- Peaches
5- Aglea

Men's names:

1- Alphonse
2- Walter
3- Arthur
4- Tim
5- Guy

I would have added Percival, but someone already said it ;p
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The one that immediately popped into my mind was Nevaeh (even worse when it's spelled Neveah). I also don't like names where the "i" has been changed to a 'y" like Madyson. Worse yet, when someone has gone overboard with "y", like Mckynzye.
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Anything with punctuation in it
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Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.
1. Female (pronounced femme-all-ee)
2. Romina
3. Bertha (sorry Tia!)
4. Dreuina (I might be spelling her name wrong. Like Drew-ina)
5. Euginea (Or any variant of Eugene)

1. Maclovio (I've always disliked that name.)
2. Usanavy (ohh-sah-nah-vee - but really it's USA Navy)
3. Richard
4. Elemer (sorry granddad)
5. Ignatius (sorry my sister gave my nephew that middle name)

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Bertha...sniped...how about Beulah?


Someone I knew a long time ago made his kids name a whole sentence. I can't remember who was the boy and who was the girl, but here you go:

Avery Sunny Dayina Littlefield (get it? A Very Sunny Day in a Little Field)

And dangit...I can't remember the other kid's name. It's too bizarre.

Another girl who I knew had the name Crystal Chanda Lear.

And in keeping with me living in Utah and having a lot of religious people here, I give you:

Mahonri Moriancumer

I've also talked with a Lasonja (pronounced like lasagna) and my brother's best friend growing up was Vern.

i think this thread can end here. lasagna?

nope, no one can top those names!
I hate it when twins have near identical names. I have seen Travon and Travan.
Fat does not make you fat. It's actually pretty important.
Bahahaha Lasagna is the worst name ever!!!!

My best friend's cousins called her twins Yelena and Yilana. Are you kidding me?!
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I disagree on Mercedes. It's a real name and it has nothing to do with the car!
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Capricious (I went to school with a Capricious...)

Okay, it's not pronounced exactly like lasagna.

Lasonja (luh-sahn-yuh), accent goes on the 2nd syllable.

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Beulah. Yes this was my beloved great-grandma's name..but....still....

ITA with Hortense


Gertrude, although I love Gertie.



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