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What is the spicy green sauce/condiment used on Central/Sounth American (and possibly Mexican?) dishes? Same color as guacamole but thinner and a different flavor.

What is mojito? I don't mean the alcoholic bev...


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In Puerto Rico, mojito is a sauce. Cilantro or oregano, garlic and olive oil I think. ??

Sofrito is green or red. And yummy.
are you thinking maybe of chimichurri sauce? I love this with steak...

Chimichurri Sauce Recipe - Allrecipes.com
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My sister-in-law makes guacamole runny, so I was going to say that, then I read the rest of what you said...

My sister-in-law also makes a green salsa made out of Tomatillo's. She doesn't call it anything special...just green salsa or green sauce (I can't remember, they live out of state now, so I don't get to have it very often anymore).

Like a mole sauce?

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Like a mole sauce?

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Originally Posted by iroc
But mole is chocolate, right?

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Mmmm.... I know exactly what you are talking about. They serve it at the awesome Peruvian chicken place down the road from me.

From the descriptions above, it sounds like sofrito or chimichurri.

I think mole is pretty much always brown isn't it?
I was thinking chimichurri too. That or salsa verde, but that's chunkier.

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Mojito is another name for mojo. That's a marinade made with sour orange juice and garlic. I don't think it is used much as a condiment.

I think the green stuff is aji
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Here in San Antonio, the salsa verde is usually tomatillo.

And it is my favorite. I love it especially on breakfast tacos. Mmmmmmmm.

(Not that I eat breakfast tacos anymore, damn the Weight Watchers. Ok, ok, I DO still eat breakfast tacos but only one a week. I swear.)
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Like a mole sauce?

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Originally Posted by iroc
But mole is chocolate, right?
Originally Posted by Springcurl
Okay, not what I was thinking.

There's something that is always on enchiladas and they ask, green or red.

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I thought of Chimichurri first.
Then Sofrito.
And I ended with a salsa of tomatillo.

And mole comes in green, red, and brown. And probably other colors, but those are the ones I've tasted.
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The sauce that comes on enchiladas is usually an enchilada sauce made of chilies. Red is usually made of red chilies (I've usually seen them use adobo peppers...at least I think that's what they're called...the kind you can buy dried and have to reconstitute), green is made with green chilies (you can find pretty hot green chilies if you look).

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There are different types of mole. Mole Poblano is brown and contains chocolate, among many other ingredients. There are green moles made with pumpkin seeds. They're not commonly found in restaurants here.

Chimichurri is used in South American, particularly Argentine, cuisine. It's garlicky, but not spicy. It's used for beef, as Argentina is beef country, but it's become a popular condiment in Latin restaurants for all sorts of things (like fish).

Salsa verde can be made a few different ways and found in Central America, and especially in Mexico.

Hogao is used in Colombia, Venezuela, and a few other countries. There are different types, but some are green and spicy.

My guess is you either mean some variant of Mexican salsa verde or a Peruvian aji sauce, which are pretty common these days thanks to the popularity of pollo al carbon restaurants.
That or chimichurri except chimichurri isn't spicy.
Or mojo, which is big in Cuban and Caribbean cuisine. There are green and red types. While it is used as a marinade, it does get used as a condiment/sauce as well, often served with yuca fries or slathered on Cuban sandwiches.

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