Is is okay to hang up on a coworker?

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Is it okay to hang up on a co-worker when you don't like what they are saying?

A person called me because I made a mistake and I told them I needed an account # because I do not remember doing it even though it was just yesterday and I needed to look at it and I would then fix it. Person said, "I am driving, just look it up!" I said I cannot without some more information. I could search for my notes but I'd need to actually look at it and then I could call them back. Response: "NO!" ..... click.

This didn't hurt my feelings or anger me; I laughed at the unprofessionalism (read lack of maturity). Yes, I made a mistake and if it's the only one I made yesterday, then yesterday was a really good day! Once I find it I'll fix it. I found it in the system but I have to wait until Monday when the actual paperwork is turned into me THEN I can fix it. I did call the person back and tell them that. They were much more polite on the 2nd phone call.

Do people really only think I do one thing all day and am impaired if I cannot remember the details? I handle hundreds of accounts, checks and invoices every day, sometimes for 3 different branches.

I cannot see me hanging up on someone unless they were being way out of line and then I'd tell them they were across the line and I was hanging up.
I think they were rude, but it may have also been because they were driving and you can't talk on the phone and concentrate on driving too ;p

But, I did like your comment about not letting it get to you. Hanging up on people is really immature, I's maybe better if they just say, "I have to go but I will call you back" and then call back when they are calmer... I also think you are reasonable in your explanation - you cannot remember every little thing about one case!

Good for you on being professional and doing things correctly.
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