Lash growth recommendations?

Latisse? Rapid Lash? LiLash? PSF?

What have you tried? What worked? Side effects? Worth the money?
Loose botticelli curls and waves
No silicones/no sulfates since March 2008

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I used the Urban Decay Lush Lash System a while back and it really seemed to cut back on any lash fall out which made them thicker over time. Its only about $40

Latisse of course is the real deal, but its so expensive and once you stop using it, the lashes you gained from it fall out.

I found this recipe on Makeup Geek to make your own lash serum out of aloe, castor oil and vitamin e. I keep meaning to try it:

Also I've heard simply moisturizing them with simple cream moisturizer is enough to keep them soft and prevent fall out.
Have several allergies and sensitivities.
Current products
Low Poo/Cowash: Rio Grande Herb Co Negrita and Amole Deep Treatment Concentrate, Magick Botanicals (MB) Shampoo (diluted)
Rinse out/Leave in: MB with apricot kernel and jojoba oils added
Protein Treatment: MB Conditioner for Thinning Hair, IAgirl's protien treatment
Style: MB Gel mixed with LOTD Aloe Vera Gelly

2b-c, need lots of moisture, likes protein in moderation.

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InfiniteLash works wonders. It's by the makers of the hair vitamins Hairfinity. They're a little pricey but definitely worth the money.

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